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for the End of the Year

Failing Students

As we wrap up this year, I strongly suggest that any student who is failing should be placed on Edgenuity for Grade Recovery starting NOW. We will have to have the library broken down before the last week so it will not be available for such activity.

Reminders from the Principal

All teachers must begin cleaning out their rooms ASAP. ALL personal items must be taken home ASAP. All items in Phase I & II (6th Grade Hall, Front Office, Library and 7th Grade Purple) must be moved before the end of the day May 24. If your room is not cleared, you will be called back to finish. The building will be open May 18 from 6 until at least 12 for teachers to come and move items. ALL personal items should be gone by the 18th.

Make sure you are checking your Check-Out list for due dates. We have a lot to get finished before school is out and not a lot of time. Do not fall behind.

The forms for submitting Parent Contacts are in the Google Classroom. Make sure these are up-to-date. It is the expectation that parent contacts are entered when they are made not at the end of the nine weeks or days/weeks/months later. It is imperative that these contacts are made prior to the end of the Nine Weeks. we cannot have any surprises. All students who are failing your class must be contacted before the end of the semester.

All teachers will be required to administer a minimum of four assessments every nine weeks: two before progress reports and two after. The two Unit Assessments count towards the total minimum assessments required: One unit assessment must be before progress reports and one after. Plan accordingly so that required RTI activities can be completed prior progress reports and report cards going home. Progress reports were sent home this week and we will be checking grade books to ensure the minimum number of assessments have been administered.

I need to remind ALL staff members of a couple of things: 1) all staff members are required to remain on campus during the work day unless they have permission from an administrator to leave for school related business (teachers must sign out in Mr. Anders' Office and classified must clock out as well), 2) All staff are responsible for electronic communications and items shared through the google platform. We will be adding additional documents as the year progresses. "I did not read my email" or "I did not know how to access the google folders" is not an acceptable excuse.

Important Reminders for the End of the Year

May 18 - Building Open for moving personal items and classrooms at least 6-12

May 20 - Approve timecards for the week of May 13

May 20 - 2nd, 3rd & 4th period diagnostics

May 20 - End of Year Awards Program at Hueytown High School 6 PM

May 21 - 1st period diagnostic

May 21 - Football parent meeting in the gym at 6 PM

May 22 - Grades due by noon

May 22 - Grade Verification Sheets due by 3 PM

May 23 - Last Day for Students

May 23 - Report Cards Mailed

May 24 - Check timecards and approve them when you clock in.

May 24 - Last day to turn in ProEthica Certificate

May 24 - Teacher Work Day - all classrooms must be cleared before teacher will be cleared for the year.

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