The Making of a Writer

Written by Joan Lowery Nixon

About the Book

The Making of a Writer written by Joan Lowery Nixon is a memoir based on providing life experiences and advice; all of which made Nixon the writer she is today. Taking what people around the world had questions about, Nixon created this book as the answer. For instance, many children asked "how do I do this" or "how do I do that?" In some letters, she replied by sharing the importance of such subjects including character development or even ecstatic beginnings. In more depth, this memoir explains how Joan Lowery Nixon got there. It shares each and every experience she learned a lesson from, including some of her most embarrassing ones! This read is definitely one of my favorites not only because it was humorous, but because it gave me information I need to be an exceptional writer, one just like Joan Lowery Nixon.

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Nixon's Timeline

Once 28 months old, Nixon was titled the healthiest baby in Los Angeles County. Moving ahead a couple of years, Nixon became capable of reading. In December of 1936, the Nixon family took part in the California Parent Teacher Magazine titled "All the Family Can Be Puppeteers," written by her mother. Not long after, Joan Lowery Nixon published her first piece at the age of ten. From there, everything went uphill. Several more novels and awards were given. For Nixon though, it was nothing big, just another experience.

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