ESC 18 - Taco Tech Tuesday

Minus the Tacos, Extra Tech!

April 27, 2021

Tech You Have To Try

Bingo Baker

Find and customize one of the thousands of ready-made bingo cards or use the simple bingo card generator to create your own. Then generate and print as many cards as you need. You can even play virtual bingo!

What an easy way to have fun and create your own bingo game with ease. To learn more click here.

Confetti Cannon Extension

Sometimes you just need to inject a little fun! The Confetti Cannon extension is a great way to liven up a chrome website you may be presenting or a great way to celebrate a win in class. Simply download the Confetti Cannon extension and confetti will be launched from the bottom of the screen and displayed over the chrome browser. Works on most web pages. To learn more or to download the extension click here.

NCES Create a Graph

Sometimes creating a graph in excel is difficult for students especially younger grade levels. NCES Graph is a great way to present and create graphs for any age/user. Pick a picture of the graph you would like to make, type in any titles, numbers, or percentages you want to include and NCES Graph will take care of the rest. Then you can print the graph, email it, or download it as a pdf or an image. Great way to get the graphs your kids need without having to teach excel. To learn more click here.

Would You Rather Math

Looking for great ways to teach and engage students in Math? Would You Rather Math takes great everyday life situations and implements them in a Would You Rather Game format. Would you rather have a cube of gold 25 meters on each side? Or 2 cubes of gold, one is 24 meters on each side, one is 7 meters on each side? Defend with math. Great real-life practice and a fun way to problem-solve for grades K-12. Plus it comes with a blank worksheet you can fill in with your own problems to solve! To learn more click here.

Webinar Opportunities

TCEA Elementary Technology Conference

Online Conference Begins June 13, 2021

Soak up summer learning and find fresh teaching strategies at a conference for just elementary educators.

Conference Content Available Until July 12

Find fresh insights for your classroom, juicy tech tips, and plenty of lively ways to connect at the 2021 TCEA Elementary Technology Conference. This is the event of the year for those working in primary education.

You’ll get powerful, specific resources for your grade level and specialization along with earning required credit hours. Here’s your opportunity to recharge and renew your commitment to young learners.


DMAC Virtual Academy

Attend the Virtual DMAC Academy and receive training over these great topics:

  • Local Assessments & Online Testing
  • Data Analysis and Reports
  • Student Documentation
  • Training Geared Specifically for Administrators

Register for any of the available times based on your individual training needs. All sessions will be conducted via Zoom. NOTE: Any K-12 school in Texas is eligible to register on the link included. Classes are offered free of charge. Register soon -- SEATS ARE LIMITED!




TWTCON (Teach with Tech Conference) is an entirely online professional development experience for K-12 educators using technology in their classrooms. Teachers participate in a wide range of sessions all online that focus on your classroom teaching strategies with technology. Learn cutting-edge technology integration techniques and lessons from experts delivered via video sessions.

75+ Sessions and it's totally online!

Videos available July 12th - Oct 30th

Learn more


ISTE Live 21

Immersive and exploratory, ISTELive 21 will be unlike any other online education conference out there. We’ve designed a custom experience that allows you to:


Get expert advice on engaging with students in online, blended and face-to-face settings.


Choose from hundreds of learning opportunities in a variety of formats. Attend live or save them for later.


Connect with presenters, educators and tech company reps via text, chat or video call.


Revisit sessions and review learning materials for 6 months after the conference.

Training Opportunities

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is a hot topic, and most districts claim to be utilizing it since COVID, but did you know actual Blended Learning processes rarely get utilized in the COVID virtual or in-person classrooms!?! Learn what Blended Learning actually looks like in the classroom and how to utilize it in your school/district. Blended Learning Made Easy sessions are given throughout the year, please see our PD calendar for info or see our more intensive Blended Learning Package below. Please contact me if you are interested or want to learn more!
Big picture
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Google Training

Google Educator Certification Training or Google Suite training is available. Google Certification ensures teachers are well based and take full advantage of the wide-spread capabilities that the Google Suite offers to make teaching and learning more tech-friendly, accessible, and efficient.

We also offer training in Google Suite applications like Gmail, Drive, Slides, Calendar, and others to increase your staff/campus productivity. Feel free to contact me to learn more.


Technology Help Desk

Remember to submit a Technology Help Desk ticket for any technology needs or services. Email Technology at or call the Help Desk at (432)-561-4321.

Chris Enriquez

Director of Instructional Technology and Analytics

Google Educator Level 1 and 2 Certification

Click on the image below to learn more about becoming certified as a Google Educator Certification Level 1 and Level 2.