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The Great Gatsby

Gatsby's Party

So who really is Gatsby, every New Yorker at the party is wondering. Nick got his very own invitation from Gatsby himself, Why he asks... Why me? Gatsby's parties are always luxurious with hundreds and hundreds of people filling up his beautiful mansion. Some people say Gatsby graduated from Oxford, some people even say he killed a man in cold blood. Why doesn't anybody know who Gatsby is, how does he have all of this money? Here in Gatsby's west egg mansion all New Yorkers come from all over including people who live in the east egg. We thank Gatsby for throwing his elaborate parties for us here in New York. These parties help everyone become closer together and get to know everyone in their city. But the question still remains, Who is Gatsby and why does he have these parties?
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Tom and Daisy's Wedding

This evening a beautiful young lady named Daisy married her love Tom in a church here in New York. Daisy's dress was a beautiful cream color with a lace top and a silk bottom that had a train of 3 feet. Her gown was very expensive and the wedding was perfect, but for some reason Daisy didn't look happy. Photographers and camera men were all over the wedding getting pictures of the 2 together. This was a very memorable day for the 2 of them.
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Jordan Baker

1st place again for the wonderful golfer Jordan Baker. Jordan played against 20 other women golfers and did the best out of all of them. They played at the Sunshine golf center in New york city for a tournament that lasted 10 hours. This was the semi finals, the finals are for the top 5 in each division where the tournament is held in Texas. We can't wait to see how Jordan does in a couple of weeks. Good luck, Congrats on your win.
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Gatsby's Death

Murder of the very famous and wealthy great Gatsby. Wilson was walking into Gatsby's house where he finds Gatsby laying on the mattress in the pool looking up at the sky. Wilson is being charged with murder of Gatsby and shot Gatsby with one shot and killed himself after. Nick goes back to the west egg and finds gatsby floating dead in his pool. Nick imagines what Gatsby was thinking and tells the reporters all he thought gatsby could think about what daisy. New York is very confused.
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