4th Grade News

Mrs. Graver ~ January 4, 2018

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Knowledge is our SUPERPOWER!

Dear Families,

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a restful and fun Christmas break!

Prayer Test: Fourth Graders will be testing on the Prayer to the Holy Spirit the week of Jan. 16th.

Basketball: As you may know, I am our Middle School Girls Basketball Coach. Our season starts Tuesday, January 23rd. There will be a couple of dates that I have to leave early for away games. If you need to meet with me or have concerns you would like to discuss, please email me so that we can set up a time to talk.

Catholic Schools Week: We will be holding the National Geographic School Bee again this year. In the next few weeks, the preliminary competition will be held in the classroom. The top qualifiers will compete against the other 4th-8th graders who have qualified on Tuesday of Catholic Schools Week. Across the country over 11,000 schools are participating in this bee. If you advance to the state and national levels, you could win a $50,000 scholarship, plus a prize trip. All the students in the class will be participating in the preliminary round. Students can choose to study on-line: http://nationalgeographic.org/bee/study

Report Card Envelopes: If you haven't already done so, please return the report card envelope with your signature and that of your child. The report card is yours to keep, I just need the envelope and the comment card back for 2nd Trimester Report Cards. Thank you!


Catholic Schools Week- January 28th- Feburary 2nd

Weekly Learning Goals


*Describe what it means to be merciful.

* Create prayer cards for the Prison ministry.


* Multiply a number up to four digits by a one digit number.

*Show my work using numbers and symbols, arrays, and area models


*Compare/Contrast characters in a realistic fiction selection

*Identify simple and compound sentences


*Describe motion as relative and affected by forces.

Social Studies

*Describe everyday life of the Paleo-Indians.