herman bransen

by alex ghasemi

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Fssssssssssssssssssssssss boom . Herman Branson was a African-American physicist chemist. He was part of the group that invented the lightbulb. And made over 100 articles on physics. And helped a guy make a Alpa Philex . He went to Virginia st. for college.

Herman Branson was born in 1914. He was a Physicist. Physics is the science of nature. Physicists study the behavior and properties of matter, “ranging from the sub-nuclear particles from which all ordinary matter is made (particle physics) to the behavior of the material Universe as a whole (cosmology).” (Dr. Scott Williams ,2014)

Branson received a Bachelor Degree from Virginia State College in 1936. “In 1939 he received his doctor's degree in Physics from University of Cincinnati. From 1941-43, he was Assistant Professor at Howard University.’ “He was also named Director of the ESMWT Program in Physics at Howard in 1942, serving there until 1944 and he directed the ASTRP courses in Physic, At Howard University.” In 1947, Dr. Branson was named the Directory of the Office of Naval Research and energy commission projects.(Dr. Scott Williams ,2014)

What he likes where math biology and protein structure. He made more than 100 research and articles on physics and others. His most significant undertaking was when he helped a guy make alpha helix, “an integral equation of bio systems, electron impact studies on small organic molecules. He was also associated with the introduction of information theory in the study of biological molecules, the introduction of information theory in the study of biological models, and the use of radioactive and stable isotopes in transport studies in biology.”(Dr. Scott Williams ,2014)

In conclusion Herman Branson is a great biologist.You should now about herman because he was part of a grupe that in invinted the lightbulb. What he studied He inspired a lot of africans american. What are you going to invent next.