Saving John

Kenzie Lee, Andrea Lewis, Miroslava Mendez

Our Company's Goals

Rehabilitate military service members back into civilian life. Providing them with job opportunities, on call therapy (physical and mental) while also giving them a chance to give back to society through various charity work.

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Description of Industry

Providing a "home" atmosphere and outpatient services to those in need. Those that also need a place to stay are more than welcome to stay at the Saving John facility. The veterans also give back to the community through community beautification projects, volunteering at local soup kitchens and homeless shelters. We also do fundraisers such as things like garage sales, festivals, and bake sales.

Company Strengths

We offer members with a home feeling while providing them with medical care. Our friendly staff helps rehabilitate them back into civilian life.


Prices and Fees

The money we get goes to fund therapist from 8am-5pm; everything else, including weekends, is volunteer work. After their third pay check the members of the facility will only have to pay a small fee of 4% monthly out of their pay check to give back to the facility.

Raising Capital

Through donations and our own money we are able to provide the veterans with food and personal hygiene items. The government grant money goes towards pay our staff members, utilities, and helping pay off the loans. The loans that we received went towards buying our facility and our bus to transport our members. Any money that the organization makes also goes towards paying off the loans and anything that our members may need.

Budget For Expenses

  • Food- $10,000 (along with donations)
  • Employees- What the government grant allows (4 psychiatrist, 4 workers to help out the psychiatrist, 4 maids, 1 chef,and 6 cooks)
  • Personal items- $5,000 (along with donations)
  • Utilities- $5,000

Fixed Costs and Variable Costs

Our fixed cost will be the loans, mortgage, and paying the employees. The variable cost will be the amount of money spent on the veterans which depends on how many veterans there are, also the utilities.

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Type of Organization: Non-profit organization

Legal Issues: Correct bylaws, Filing taxes properly, Filing Grant forms properly

Market Plan: We buy advertisement online. Also make up flyers to hand out and place around the town

Product: We offer rehabilitation back into civilian life to veterans.

Technical Specifications: The building we have bought to house our organization is already furnished and it also has the amenities.


Veterans Affairs Medical Center (Augusta,GA), Veterans of Foreign Wars, Southeastern Paralyzed