The Scarlett Letter

March/April 2022

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NC DKG Region IV

Theta Chapter

Wilmington, NC

Volume 4, Number 4

Message from the President

Ladies of Theta, we are quickly moving through this Biennium. It is my prayer that we continue to move forward in a healthy and safe manner. Hopefully, all goes well and we will be able to meet in March at the Founder's Day event. I look forward to the installation of the next set of officers and the refreshing new ideas they will bring forth. It's been an interesting couple of years for us all. Continue to be encouraged and let's support each other as we move through the remainder of this Biennium. Stay safe. Stay well.


Kimberly Bigelow Stokes

Delta Kappa Gamma Society

Theta Chapter President 2020-2022

Women's Educators Society of Southeastern, NC

The DKG Society International promotes professional and personal

growth of women educators and excellence in education.

Happy Birthday

Mary Alice Settle (March 8)

Susan Nevitt (March 24)

Chapter/State/International News

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Mark the Dates

Mar. 15 Deadline for vendor and ad forms for the convention

Mar. 19 Founder's Day Luncheon

Mar. 28 ASK Time for chapter presidents

Mar. 29 Group rate for convention hotel reservations ends

Apr. 1 Deadline for postmarks for mailed convention registration

Apr. 10 Deadline for Early Bird Registration for 2022 convention

Apr. 25 ASK Time for chapter presidents (tentative)

Apr. 29-May 1 NC DKG Convention, Asheville

Apr. 30 Dissertation Recognition due to International

May 1 Cornetet Individual PD Awards applications due

May 1 NC DKG News deadline

May 11 DKG Founders Day

May 14 Theta Chapter Meeting

Slate of Officers

Here is the Slate of Officers for 2022 to 2024

The Slate will be presented to Theta's membership for vote at the March 19th meeting

President: Connie Marks
1st VP: Judy Busick
2nd VP: Sylvia Quinn
Recording secretary: Linda Jobe
Corresponding secretary: Dorothie Johnson
Treasurer: Kitty Brunjes
Assistant Treasurer: Marie Allison
Parliamentarian - Mary Alice Settle
Historian - Kristy Prokop
Newsletter Editor - MaryPaul Beall

Membership Committee

Please let Connie Marks, Membership Committee chair, know if you need Prospect Cards which are used to submit names of prospective new members. So far, she has received one additional card since 5 new members were inducted at our November meeting. (A 6th new member who was not able to be present for the ceremony will be inducted at a later date.)

Buzzing BEE Award

Theta congratulates MADELINE BAILEY, a new EC Educator at Snipes Academy!

On Tuesday, February 2, Theta member Nakita Thomas presented Madeline with a "Buzzing BEE" (Beginning Educator Excelling) Award and Gift Bag. This award, created by the NCDKG Beginning Teacher Support Committee, is presented to an Initially Licensed Teacher, in her first three years of teaching, who does something special! Nakita says that Madeline "…implemented research-based techniques that have enabled three of her 3rd grade students to grow in reading."

Madeline, please know that Theta appreciates and supports you.

In the picture below, Theta member Nakita Thomas presents Buzzing BEE Award to Madeline Bailey as Snipes Principal Rachel Manning looks on.

Opportunities for Music

Dear Sisters,

It is past time to come together and make music! I bet you have missed singing, playing, and listening to music as much as I have. There are a few opportunities for you to share music with your sisters at the NC DKG Convention coming up!

  1. Sing in the chorus! We will learn some songs for the convention. If you want to be in the chorus, I can send you an MP3 of your part ahead of time for you to get familiar with the music.
  2. If you are an instrumentalist and would like to play a piece, let me know. I want to schedule some special music. If you need an accompanist, either I can play for you, or perhaps another pianist in our group would like to volunteer to be an accompanist.
  3. There is a great version of the song, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” I plan to use that will be challenging for me to play as well as direct. So, would someone like to volunteer to direct this choral piece? I have the music.

That is about it! Easy and fun times ahead in music. Please send me an email to let me know how you would like to participate. Click my name below to send me a message. Be sure to put MUSIC in the subject line so I will know I need to read it! Thank you, and I look forward to hearing your wonderful voices.

Judy Rhodes

NC DKG Music Representative

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Apply for International Appointment

Applications are online for appointments to International committees, the Arts and Humanities Jury, and the Editorial Board. These are all Google forms found on the links on the DKG website under Apply/Submit -->Applications. The deadline for this year’s applications is May 1, 2022. You must be logged in to access the forms.

Connie Savell, Dr. Teresa Cowan, and Dr. Barbara Perry-Sheldon are serving at the international level this biennium. Connie is on the Membership Committee; Teresa chairs the Communication and Marketing Committee; and Barbara is on the Editorial Board.

Members do not need to have been a state president to serve on an international committee. Anyone interested can apply.

Tech Tips

MS Word

  • Have you accidentally closed a word file without saving it? No autosave either? Search “.asd” in the file search under “My PC.” You will find your documents there. Windows system has the backup file for you

Google: Save any google image

  • If you want to save any image on google press “Alt” and click on google image. It will automatically be saved to your computer.


  • If you download a PDF file and you see “.exe” in the end. Please delete it, it is a virus.

2022 Convention Dates

NC DKG Convention

Friday, April 29th 2022 at 9am to Sunday, May 1st 2022 at 4pm

1 Resort Drive

Asheville, NC

International DKG Convention

Tuesday, July 12th 2022 at 8:45am to Saturday, July 16th 2022 at 12pm

New Orleans, LA, USA

New Orleans, LA

Scarlett Letter Editor: MaryPaul Beall

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