Acton Elementary School 2017-2018

FAX: 317-862-7251

ATTENDANCE: 317-803-5105

TRANSPORTATION: 317-862-2314


We have A LOT of items in our lost and found. If your child is missing a hat, sweatshirt, coat, gloves, water bottle etc, it may be in our lost and found. All items that are still here by Spring Break will be donated to the SPARC center. Make sure to check it out the next time you are here or ask your child to check for their items. Thank you!


Don't miss your opportunity to get your Acton 2017-2018 Yearbook. Orders are due by Feb 9th, and they are $15. Checks can be made out to Lifetouch.

You can also order online at ID #13020618


The following volunteers will need a criminal history check:

1. Any person who will be working with students for extended periods of time – either consecutive hours or on a regular schedule.
2. Any person who will be in a position to supervise students – this includes but not limited to field trips (at all levels, including band and choir trips) or taking a group of students out of a classroom for remediation work.
3. Any person who will be alone with a student.

*NOTE: VOLUNTEER BACKGROUND CHECKS ARE NO LONGER FREE OF CHARGE. THE FEE IS APPROXIMATELY $16.00 PER VOLUNTEER. If you wish to proceed, please follow the instructions and click on link below.…/Vo…/franklin000012
• Please select VOLUNTEER for "Position"
• Make sure your name is spelled correctly
• Please complete the entire form, all fields with *are required
• Please select the school or schools for which you request to volunteer
• Select I Agree and then Submit

All schools have access to the volunteer data base and can verify a clear background check. If there is an issue with the background check that will affect the ability to volunteer, that volunteer will be notified. This comprehensive background check will be active for two years. You will receive an email notification once the background check is clear. You will also be notified when it is about to expire.

Students of the Month for the Trait of Kindness (January)

Congratulations to these students for showing Kindness. They will receive a certificate and a card for a special treat.


Emerine: Olivia Hester & Caleb Lawalin

Froning: Karanveer Brar & Zoey Murphy

McMaster: Rayanna McCrary & Ty Czap


Miller: Jace Williams and Hayden Kennedy

Gilkerson: Nick Martin and Alexis Caddel

Biswas: Khloe Keough & Spencer Smith


Brooks: Logan Jackson and Isabelle Basford

Krug: Rebecca Jarrett and Mason Beck

Parsons: Victoria Cumpean and Isaac Smith


Simmons: Kolton Bertram and Kylie Cottingham

Milholland: Adalynn Dingledy and Lucas Stiens

Jewell: Justin Dewell and Emma Smith


Beechler: Eli Gann & Maddie Thompson

Rigsby: Addison Williams and Chase Roll

Reynolds: Lexi Carr and Cole Hopson


Neifert: David Churchill and Payge Cleary

Leal: Lily Snyder and Tyler Patterson

Scott: Collin Pollert & Lillyanna Joseph


Library (Mrs. McCanaha/Mrs. Thurston): Callie Hall & Wyatt Clemans
Art (Ms. Ryan): Asterion Nahapetian and Grayson Brown
Music (Mrs. Stevenson): Bobby May & Ava Adams
Gym (Mrs. Adams): Lexi Carr and Anna Jaggers


Make sure to RSVP for our next All Pro Dads Day on fEB 16th at 7:45 am. Chick Fil A Breakfast will be available for $4/person. Hope to see you all there.


  • Online payments through PayPams is convenient way to pay for your child's meals.

February is Pear month!

Here at Star Express we hope everyone is enjoying the winter season and staying warm!

We will be introducing our new Spring Menus later this month! Get ready for some new items in the lunch line.

February is Pears month!

This is a healthy fruit offered regularly as part of your school lunch.

If you haven’t already enjoyed this yummy fruit try it this month.

We look forward to serving you!

@Star Express Nutrition – Franklin Township Community School Corporation

#StarExpress #SchoolLunch #SchoolNutrition #KidsEatRight

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Our next PTO Meeting will be ​February 6th at 6:30pm. Childcare and snacks will be provided. See you there!

Get ready for our ​Father/Daughter ​Dance on ​February 23rd​. We will need volunteers

​to help with set up/clean up and during the event. Join us at our ​February PTO meeting to find out how you can help. ​

5th Grade Jam

​Our 5th Grade Jam is in the initial planning stages, if you are interested in helping, please contact
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Mark Your Calendar....

Music Dates

2/2 – Band/Choir/Orchestra sign up papers due to Mrs. Stevenson (5th grade students)

2/2 – First Folk Dance Club Practice – 7:30 am

2/8 – 4th Grade Music Program, 6:00 in Gym

3/65th Grade Field Trip to ISO concert

3/81st Grade Related Arts Night, 6:00 in Gym

4/28 – Folk Dance Festival, 2-5 at Ben Davis High School

5/3 5th Grade Music Program, 6:00 in Gym

What to know what is going on in music class? Follow us on Facebook!

Facebook: ActonElementaryMusic

Grade 5 Program Date Change!

To accommodate some end of the year activities the 5th grade program has been moved to Thursday, May 3, 2018 at 6:00 pm. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend!

Grade 5 Orchestra/Choir/Band Recruitment

This is an exciting time for our 5th grade students. Sign-up papers for Band, Choir and Orchestra are due to Mrs. Stevenson by this Friday, Feb. 2nd. If your child is signing up for General Music, there is nothing to return. Please let me know if you need any extra forms or have any questions.

Mrs. Stevenson

Feb. 2nd – all forms due to Mrs. Stevenson

Feb. 5th – Parent meeting at FTMSE – 5:30 & 7:00

Feb. 6th – Parent meeting at FTMSW – 5:30 & 7:00

(Only need to attend one meeting)

Acton Elementary 4th Grade Program

“Working On the Railroad”

On Thursday, February 8, 2018 Acton 4th grade students will present their program “Working On the Railroad.” In this program we explore the Railroad expansion era and its impact on Indiana. We hope you are able to join us! Please read the information carefully and let me know if you have any questions.

What: Grade 4 Program – “Workin On the Railroad”

When: Thursday, February 8, 2018 – 6:00 pm

Where: Acton Gymnasium

Student Arrival Time: 4th grade students should meet Mrs. Stevenson in the LGI room beginning at 5:45.

Student Attire: 4th grade students should wear jeans, tennis shoes and their “Tiger Team-a-thon” shirt. (If you can’t find your team-a-thon shirt, any Acton shirt will be fine!)

We will be videotaping this performance and you can get a copy by making a $5 donation to the Acton Music Program. Order forms are located on the back of this paper. Guests are always welcome to take their own videos and photos! J

We will also be performing for the Acton Students at 10:25 am during the school day on February 8th. The students have been working very hard and we are excited to share what we have learned! We look forward to seeing you there!

Mrs. Stevenson


DVD order Form

4th Grade Program

“Working On the Railroad”

_________ # of copies _______ total amount included

($5 donation per DVD)

Payment options:

______ Check (made out to Acton Elementary) ___ cash

Student Name: _________________ Homeroom Teacher: _______________

All proceeds will go to benefit future programs! Thank you for your support!

First Grade Related Arts Night

Ever wonder what really goes on in Music, Art and PE class? Mark your calendars for Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 6:00 pm. The first grade Related Arts Night is a night designed for you to experience Art, Music and PE with your first grade student! Please come comfortably dressed and prepared to participate! More information will be coming home soon. We hope to see you there!

Symphony Field Trip

On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 all 5th grade students will be traveling downtown to the Hilbert Circle Theatre to experience the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s Young People’s Discovery Concert. This is a concert put on by the ISO specifically for students. The theme this year is “When Inspiration Strikes.” The students will be leaving around 10:45 am and returning to school around 12:45/1:00. The concert begins at 11:30. Students will need to bring a sack lunch that they will eat upon returning to school. Please fill out the permission slip below and return it with money to Mrs. Stevenson by Friday, February 16th.

The cost for this field trip is $9 for students. ($7 for a student ticket and $2 to cover cost of bus) (Please make checks out to Acton Elementary.)

The cost for parents to attend is $8. (Adult ticket cost and $2 to cover cost of bus)

(Please make checks out to Acton Elementary.)

*****Parent chaperones cannot be accepted after the due date. Parent chaperones will also be required to have a Limited History Criminal Background Check on file at Central Office. This form can be found on the district’s website at Failure to complete a background check will result in your inability to attend the field trip, and no refund can be issued.

Please call if you have any questions. 803-5151

Mrs. Stevenson


My child has permission to attend the 5th Grade Symphony Field Trip

Please return this form with money to Mrs. Stevenson by Friday February 16th.

(Make checks out to Acton Elementary)

__________________________ _______________________

Student Name Homeroom Teacher

__________________________ _______________________

Parent Signature Phone Number

_____ My child can attend, but is in need of a scholarship.

_____ I would like to attend as a parent chaperone (cost: an additional $8.00) (Parent chaperones will not be accepted after Feb. 16th)

Printed Name of Parent Attending Field Trip:_____________________________


The school year is off to a safe and healthy start! Here are a few clinic reminders:

  • Any student coming to the clinic must have consent.
  • For grades K-8 all medications must be transported to and from school by a parent or guardian
  • COUGH DROPS are medication
  • Students must be free of vomiting for 24 hours before returning to school and must be fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medication before returning to school.
  • The clinics do not stock any medications.
  • If your child is going to be absent from school please call your child in using the attendance line phone number.
  • Work with your child at home on proper hand washing and coughing and sneezing into their sleeve/elbow.


Parents, please inspect your child regularly for head lice during the remainder of the school year and also during the summer months. Lice spread from person to person by direct contact or by using another person’s personal items--comb and brush, hat, hair bows, coat, clothes, etc. Head lice are tiny and brownish in color and only live on the human head. They crawl rapidly, but do not fly or jump. The bugs deposit tiny white eggs (nits) on the hair shaft by using sticky “glue” so the eggs do not dislodge easily. Besides visualizing the bugs/eggs, the only symptom of head lice may be head scratching. Most lice-killing products do a good job killing the live lice but they likely do not kill all of the nits. The nits that survive the treatment may hatch and the process may begin again. The importance of egg removal and regular inspection is crucial to avoid reoccurrence. Lice may spread anywhere children gather, such as when playing “dress-up” at home, at ball games where children wear a common helmet/hat, at sleep-overs, on movie seats, at a club meeting (i.e. Girl Scouts etc.), and at day care centers and rarely, schools. Regular inspection of your child’s head enables you to identify a case earlier, resulting in faster eradication and quicker return to school. Please notify the school nurse if you would like more information, need assistance in identifying the louse, or to report that your student has head lice. As with any health condition, only parents may call the school with information about their child. Thanks for your vigilance in the months ahead.


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The Indiana State Dept. of Health requires all incoming 6th graders to receive additional shots prior to starting 6th grade. The required immunizations are Tdap and MCV4. The Hepatitis A series should be started if not already completed. Please contact your student’s doctor as soon as possible to schedule an appointment before school starts August 1, 2018. If your student is 11, and has already had these vaccinations, please send a copy of the updated vaccinations to the Acton clinic. Our fax number is 317-862-7251. Even if your student will not be 11 before the beginning of 6th grade, they are still required to have the immunizations by August 1, 2018.

Marion County Health Department has immunization appointments and walk-in clinic hours. Their cost is $20 regardless of the number of immunizations needed. The closest Health Department office is 505 E. National Ave. and their phone number is 317-221-5700.

If you have any questions please contact the clinic at 317-803-5104.


Did you know you can now pre-register with us before coming to the school to visit? This saves you time at the reception desk checking in and helps us prepare for our visitors each day. We would encourage you to pre-register before you volunteer daily, join your student for lunch, AND before coming to the class parties.

Below is the link to pre-register. Thank you for helping us keep our kids safe.



1 Makeup yearbook activity photos

2 Jump Rope for Heart

5 Counselor Appreciation

5 Evacuation Drill

5 midterm ends

5-23 Acuity ELA/Math/Sci/SS

5 FTMS East band/orchestra parent night

7 mid term grades posted

8 Student Council

8 4th grade music program

9 Friendship parties

9 Yearbook orders due

14 Robotics club

16 All Pro Dads

16 4th grade field trip

19 President’s Day

20-23 Read Across America Week

23 PTO Father/Daughter dance

26-Mar 9 ISTEP

26 School Board Meeting

28 Robotics club


Just a reminder: School Board policy 5200 regarding appointments. – Parents are encouraged to schedule medical, dental, and other necessary appointments other than during school hours. When appointments are necessary during the school day, the student shall report back to school immediately after the appointment with a signed statement from the doctor, dentist, etc.


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Please review a few important front office policies.

  • We do our best to keep classroom disruptions to a minimum. If your child forgets an item and you bring it in, please do not be offended if the front office asks for you to leave the item with them so it can be delivered at an appropriate time.
  • If there is a change in transportation for students at the end of the day, we must be notified by a Parent/Guardian before 3:00pm.
  • If electronics (cell phones, ipods, gaming systems) are brought into school and removed from backpacks, they will be confiscated by the teacher. A parent/guardian will be asked to pick up the electronic at the front desk.
  • When having lunch with your student in the cafeteria please remember to only have your child sit with you at the family table. We like to keep the table open for other families.
  • Morning student drop off must be done in the car rider line. Drop off opens at 8:35 am in the car rider line.
  • Students arriving after 8:50 am MUST be signed in at the front office.
  • Review the Franklin Township policies and procedures for absences on p. 2-3 in the student handbook. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • All visitors must have a photo ID to enter the building.
  • Just a reminder: School Board policy 5200 regarding appointments. – Parents are encouraged to schedule medical, dental, and other necessary appointments other than during school hours. When appointments are necessary during the school day, the student shall report back to school immediately after the appointment with a signed statement from the doctor, dentist, etc.