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Upcoming Events

Monday September 28~
  • PLC 3:40-4:40
  • Lesson plans and newsletters due
  • PAAWS Coin Drive Continues

Tuesday September 29~

  • The end of the six weeks is Friday!

Wednesday September 30~

  • Jen @ AP meeting
  • Kanga Crew meeting @ 2:30

Thursday October 1~

  • PreK Collaboration
  • 2nd grade collaboration
  • Homecoming Parade starts at 5:30

Friday October 2~

  • End of 1st Six Weeks
  • Homecoming Game vs. Paschal @ 7:30

October Birthdays :)

October 5-Cheryl Bouldin

October 10-Maritza Mendoza

October 15-Evelyn Hughes

Mark Your Calendar-October

5-8~LDA Assessment Window

5~Second Six Weeks Begins

6~3rd Grade PAAWS Field Trip-10:30

7~College Colors Day

7~Behavior RtI

8~Deaf Ed Collaboration

8~1st Grade Collaboration

8~1st Grade serves at Cici's!

9~Good Citizen's Breakfast @ 8:00

9~Early Release @ 11:45, Parent Conferences starting after

9~Report Cards go out

12~Student Holiday, Professional Development Day

15~5th Collaboration

15~3rd Collaboration

16~Gina the Jewelry Lady

16~RtI Meetings

19~PLC 3:40-4:40

21~Instructional Rounds here at Wright

22~Chick Fil A Night!!!!

22~6th Collaboration

22~Fireman Clown Program, K-3rd

23~RtI Meetings

27~Progress Reports go out

29~1st and 2nd grade PAAWS field trip, 10:30

29-Kinder Collaboration

30~Deaf Ed and SpEd RtI



Morning Announcements:

Character First Trait for Sept.: Compassion, October: Conservation

Nature Is Speaking – Julia Roberts is Mother Nature | Conservation International (CI)

Love and Logic-Avoid "If-Thens" With Strong-Willed Kids

It seems that just about every family has at least one child who spends most of his time trying to figure out what others want…so that he can do exactly the opposite.

Frustrated by their testy behavior, it's pretty easy to fall into less than effective parenting practices. I hear some of these at the grocery store:

If you're really good, then I'll buy you a candy bar.

If you don't stop that, then you're going right to your room when we get home!

When parents are unsuccessful with strong-willed kids it's frequently because they've issued an "if-then." When their spirited kids hear this, they think, "Now the fight's on! I’ll show them!"

Ironically, stubborn kids are willing to receive consequences…and miss out on rewards…if it means winning a control battle.

When rewards come as a surprise to kids, they have no opportunity to sabotage themselves before they receive them. When we avoid warning them of specific consequences in advance, they spend less time fighting us and trying to figure out how to find the "loop holes" in our plans.

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