Nicole Maines

By: Angela Bailey

Early Life

Nicole Maines was born biologically male and was declared female at the age of two. She was diagnosed with Gender identity disorder (GID) also known as transgenderism. She was raised believing she was a girl and so she had a girl name and used the girls restroom.

Nicoles Life

Her goal was for transgender children to be treated equaly

After being denied the accessiabilty to use the girls restroom nicole took a stand.

Nicole was only in fifth grade when her school found out about her being transgender, after a male student followed her into the females restroom and said that he had as much as a right to be in there as she did, the school stripped her of the privilege and she was forced to used the faculty restroom. She took a stand after being teased and bullied and she pressed charges against the school to win her rights back.

Nicole took her case to the supreme court and demanded for her rights, after wining the case she called her father with one thing to say, "We did it." She now helps other transgender children to make them feel like they have a purpose in this world and that they matter.

One of Glamor magzines 50 most inspireing women of the year

Nicole was chosen to represent the state of maine in the Glamor magazine

She fought her way to the top and got recognized for it when she was put into the magazine for standing up for the rights of transgender children to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. She fought five years so that all transgender children would have as much as a right as anyone else to use the restroom of their choice.

Her parents released this statement after wining the long battle;

"Nicole is honored to be recognized as one of the nation’s 50 Phenomenal Women in Glamour magazine. Representing the State of Maine in this way is a memory she will always treasure, and keeps her moving forward in her quest for equality," the Maines' statement reads. "She hopes that this recognition will convince other young women in Maine and across the nation to advocate for change. As her parents we are very proud of her strength, commitment and courage."

"They can look at what happened in Maine and see [...] our state leaders validated that everyone gets to be whom they need to be,"

She has inspired many transgender children to embrace who they are.

She told them even if they feel different they are all still the same and should be treated that way.