Sophie & Kaitlyn

What is Anime ?

Anime is a hand drawn or computer animation. Anime in japan is known as a cartoon while other parts of the world think that anime is referred to japanese cartoon, which it is but specifically japan while in japan it's just a cartoon.


The Anime’s start was in 1960 almost 43 years after animation came around in 1917. The 1960’s Anime was created by Osamu Tezuka. Soon it became international during the late 20th century. The first anime was made in 1945. Otogi Manga Calendar was the first series made by anime from 1961 to 1964.

Popular Anime Shows Include .

What do they look like ?

Most animes have 2 colours in there big eyes. Most of them have pretty but messy hair all over the place.each anime have their own kind of personalities. Some of them are cute looking and some have really scary looks to.In some anime storys they have celestial,majestic,magical powers.