FFF Auckland CBD

Update April 15 following last evenings Core Leaders meeting


This news update will review the decisions and actions to be undertaken arising from last evening's meeting [Paul, Ross, Meenu, Bruce, Roger apols] provided for your information, prayer and action

Pot Luck Dinners

We now have 3 confirmed team leaders and ideally we need 6 hence we need to appoint 3 more.

A team leader recruits 3 more helpers and organises food for 50 people [protein and salad/veges]

Rice will be cooked on the day

Fruit will be available for after

Then we organise a team to do the clean up following the rule the cooks do not do the dishes

Please bring in the empty plastic boxes so left overs can be given away


Please ensure the plates are put away as required - see photo's on the cupboards, let us respect and follow the TAB kitchen systems


We have a small budget within the TAB but with the advent of PLD costs [ $50 - $70.00 per week] for meat and veges for 50 we need to start to create a flow of funds into the FFF account with the TAB.

Please consider before God starting to make a regular donation to the work of FFF via the TAB account [this will give you a tax receipt]

The TAB bank details are Bank account: 020100 0023322 00

Put FFF in the reference and your name to ensure you get a tax benefit

Pastoral follow up and teams

The key to what we do at FFF is the high level of relationships and support

hence our goal is that every person is contacted, spoken with between Sundays. To do this all of use on this side need to be proactive with sms, phone and F2F coffees'

Our pastoral teams are starting to evolve and Roger will oversee and coordinate this so that nobody falls through the cracks. But this also means we are all responsible as FFF leader to do what is in front of our nose to create the faith community that FFF is. Each of us is "Christ with clothes on"


Roger will put out a weekly prayer guide for the FFF leaders

Please feed prayer points requests and answers to him


Let's be aware of the high level of sickness and accidents in our group


Input and discussion

This part of the gathering is really the central focus of why we meet

hence we need to start on time

The speaker needs to be getting underway by 5.50 pm at the latest

The discussion gps need to be starting bt 5.20 ish so as to allow a good 30 minutes meaningful discussion.

This is where the stuff happens

Let's all work to make this possible


Dorothy is doing a fantastic job but needs a helper.

We also need to honor the 6.00 pm end point

Kitchen conversations

We want to encourage everyone to be part of the input and discussion, groupings in the kitchen during these times are distracting to those in the main hall

Can we all work to ensure the atmosphere focuses on the input and discussion groups

R night of prayer and feast

We are starting planning for these key events in our calendar

Paul has drafted the schedules

These will be confirmed by this time next month and the action teams in place

Discussion Questions for this Sunday

Discussion Questions: April 17

Overall lessons from this book thinking about your life experiences tell stories of from your experience

In your group pick from 1, 2 or 3 of the lessons from Esther and share with the group

Lesson #1: God has a plan for our lives [Talked about 2 weeks ago]

Do you know God’s plan for your life ? if so what is it ?

Lesson #2: We are given divine moments to alter circumstances

Has this ever happened to you ? what happened ?

Lesson #3: We must stand with courage

Is this a situation you have been in ? How did God protect you ?

Lesson #4: Fasting and prayer brings clarity and hope for deliverance

How often do you fast ? how does this bring you closer to God ?

Lesson #5: God demands obedience

Where is your life have you been called to obedience ?

Lesson #6: God uses everything and everybody for his divine purpose [2 weeks ago]

What is unique about you and your setting how has God used you?


Negin will be picking up a task to support the group and be doing follow up and communication stuff

Baby Showers, Coffee, Desert Evenings and Kiwi Roasts

These are all things that help meld our community together

No idea is a bad one

Let's just do it and make it happen in God

Please stay in touch, ring sms as need be

The Core [Elders] Leadership of FFF works to serve the group and ensure the overall smooth functioning of what we do.

Ring or sms anyone of us on the leadership team

We are committed as a group and individually to seeing N by N find the truth of who Isa really is and come to a point of seeking a relationship with JC

See you on Sunday

Remember the cooking team [Meenu and Ross etc] will arrive around 3.30 ish

Several will also do set up around this time

At 4.00 pm we meet and pray for the gathering as well as talk about how to facilitate the group leadership