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Week Ahead for Dec. 14th - 18th

There are no magic potions for success. The long haul winners rely on old fashioned things we call values. - Joe Spallina

Our School Goals

  1. 100% of our students will grow in the areas of Math and Reading
  2. 10% increase in advanced and proficient rating on state testing
  3. 90% of classroom students will reach their end of the year STAR target goal

Team Meeting Focus This Week

1. Student candidates to potentially enter LE

Please bring the names of up to 10 students that you feel would benefit from extra support in reading and/or math. It would be very helpful if you could prioritize your list in the order of the student with the most need (1) to the student(s) with less urgent needs.

2. Potential student "swaps" at semester

Plan on discussing schedule changes due to academic and/or behavioral concerns. Although this will not be appropriate for all students or the majority of students, let's discuss what this could look like.

Schedule for the Week of Dec. 14th

Monday, December 14th

  • 9:30am RESCHEDULED 7th Grade Team Meeting
  • 11:10am RESCHEDULED Specials Team Meeting
  • 1:00pm Confession
  • 1:10pm Upward Bound Prep

Tuesday, December 15th

  • 9:00am Petersen, Garvey, Deutsch, Kunze at SAS Leadership Meeting
  • 1:00pm Confession
  • 2pm Mass (last Tuesday Mass, Mass moves to Thursday mornings starting in Jan.)
  • 4pm The Hobbit Movie Night with Ms. Bilda

Wednesday, December 16th

  • Flannel and Jeans Day (for teachers)
  • 1:10pm Upward Bound Prep
  • 2:00pm 8th Grade Team Meeting
  • 3:45pm Student Discipline Meeting - everyone is welcome
  • Wednesday student folders go home.

Thursday, December 17th

  • Christmas Sweater and Jeans Day (for teachers)
  • 9am Ms. Deutsch at Instructional Coach Meeting
  • 2:30pm Vertical PLC Christmas Gathering at 4th Street

Friday, December 18th

  • Breakfast served by building leadership
  • Instruction continues all the way through today. Advent celebrations are during DEAR.
  • 8:00am 6th Grade Team Meeting (starts 15 minutes later than usual)

Vacation - Enjoy your break! Please take a chance to relax and recharge. Have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends! Give Katie a call if you need something over Christmas break as I will be unplugging for much of break.

Thank you to the fabulous teachers that made the Lock-In a success!

Article for the Week - Reframing Negative Experiences: 6 Questions That Help Kids Learn From Failure - Angela Stockman

When students reflect in order to reframe negative experiences, they find themselves better able to learn from failure and eventually move beyond it.

Inviting kids to reframe perceptions that cause them anxiety, grief, or pain is important work that all teachers should be prepared to do.

Reframing begins with the awareness that our unique values, beliefs, and experiences shape how we make meaning of different events. When we understand this, we realize how limited our perspectives often are.

Reframing a negative experience allows us to consider different possibilities, explore varied interpretations of it, consider alternative actions and behaviors, and shape potential solutions.

Questions like these can help students reframe negative experiences and manage their stress. They also shine a bright light on what can be gained from their struggles.


  1. In what ways did this experience help you become more courageous?
  2. What did you learn about yourself from this experience, and how has this knowledge inspired you to make positive changes?
  3. How did this experience make you wiser?
  4. If you were disappointed by your behavior, how might you consider its more positive aspects? In what ways might you use the same behavior to be of service to others in the future?
  5. If your beliefs, actions, or work wasn’t valued by a particular person or group, what are you discovering about the kinds of people and groups that you should be seeking out? Where you can find them? Who are they?
  6. What is this negative experience inspiring you to learn, create, or do?

Reframing is a process that many can use to problem-solve and turn their wounds into wisdom. It’s an option we should be offering students far more often and a tool that we should invite them to add to their growing toolbox of resources for living mindfully and peacefully. This is how inspire lasting shifts in mindset.

Have a wonderful week!