Okanagan most unwanted

invasive species

The Hounds-tongue and Praying mantis

The Hounds tongue was introduced to North America as a crop seed of the Herbarium specimen. Hounds tongue were collected in Ontario (in 1859.) Hounds tongue were noted as common around Montreal and a pest around Ontario. Then it was passed over to the Okangan and now we will capture all these unwanted Hounds tongue.(common name is a Cynoglossum Officinale also the scientific name is cynoglossum.) The stem of the Hounds tongue is erect and usually branched in the upper portion, Growing to 1.5 meters tall, Leaves have distinct veins,smooth margins, pointed tips and the leaves can be up to 30cm long.Flowers are reddish purple, have small petals and hang in small clusters. They mainly likes to hang out in backyards roads and forests were it gets lots of sun and water. There apparently hasn't been any recent sightings. Plus they stick onto people which makes them a big hassle and there destroying native plants as well. Not many people are taking in to stop this species from spreading and it spreads like wild fie not to mention. Each plant produces up to 2,00-4,000 barbed seeds. The healthy range land will be resistant to invasion , the heavily barbed seeds cling to clothing and animal fur which spreads threw forests and yards.(don't let hounds tongue go to seeds.) Maintain your land in a healthy vigorous condition to ensure a productive, communing competitive preenninglgrasses

The praying mantis mantis is a grass hopper like animal. it mainly lives in forest or backyards were it can hunt for easy prey. It was accidently introduced to New York in 1899 from Europe, soon after in the 1930s the praying mantis was introduced to B.C. Canada when federal entomologists in the okanagan and shuswap regions, and attempted to control it. It's long, slender, neck-like thorax with spiny, grasping front legs with prompted compound eyes and threadlike antenna. The adults are 47-56 mm long, both brown and green forms for camouflage, both sexes have wings. there haven't been any recent sightings so far. The praying mantis population as grown since because of all the animals they have been eating. nothing is being done to stop them.

The okanagan

If you look at my picture and read it you'll come to the conclusion that I already Told you about the 7 lakes in the Okanagan. Now i'll tell you about the Provincial parks in the Okanagan. So many of these parks have wanted species, theirs Kalamalka park, Bear creek park, Okanagan mountain park, Skaha blaffs park, Sun oak park, Drake park and Eneas park. These are all provincial parks in the okanagan. Now i'll tell you the major creeks, Their are Mcdougall creek, Trepanier creek and Mission creek. Now the major cities theirs Vernon,Kelowna, Summer land, Penticton, Peachland , Oliver, Kaleagen and Osyoos. Thats the Okangan and is were all those unwanted species are.
Organic Weed Control at Alderspring - Houndstongue