Wichita Indians

The First Texans


The Wichita Indians had houses shaped like an igloo but the major difference is that their homes where made of tree branches and grass


The Wichita Indians ate mainly Squash, Corn, Beans, and Wild Game


The Wichita Indians lived in the north central area of Texas and in the southern most area of Oklahoma

Wichita Facts

The Wichita indians have many ways of life. The tribe had different foods but mostly ate beans, corn, squash, and wild game. The Wichita tribe had grass houses for shelter that are shaped like an igloo. They people of the tribe would were loin cloths, skirts, and also leggings made of animal skins. The Wichita tribes government had a chief and a tribal council. They had religious meetings and they had a priest, temples and burial mounds.

Compare and Contrasting the Regions

The Wichita Indians are different from other indian tribes and also vary similar to others.

The Jumano eat a lot of the same food as the Wichita, but live in very different houses and climate. They live in the mountains and basins and live in adobe houses. The Karankawa eat much different from the Wichita, they eat a lot of fish, rice, roots, and alligators. The Comanche depend on a different wild source than trees, because there are hardly any trees in the plains they use buffalo for many tools.