name of Ethnic/Heritage Group

catchy phrase about group

your e-brochure contents

It must include:

1. At least one, five or more sentence paragraph describing your culture's history and traditions
The paragraph(s) must include:

  • When the ethnic group came to the US
  • Why the ethnic group came to the US
  • Tradition(s) that the ethnic group bought with them to the US

2. Your recipe

  • list of ingredients
  • directions on how to make

3. Pictures displaying your ethnic group and captions describing facts about each picture

  • 3-5 additional facts about your ethnic group

German Americans

German immigrants came to America in the 1800's. They were the second largest immigrant group in the US. The right to practice the religion of their choice was one of the reasons they immigrated to the United States. They also came here because of the many opportunities that America had to offer. Germans often said that the streets were paved in gold in America. German immigrants are also responsible for bringing several foods. A few of them were; German chocolate cake, German potato salad, German pancakes, and sausage with sauerkraut.



Flour Sugar

Vanilla Eggs


1. Mix flour and sugar.

2. Add in Vanilla and eggs and mix until smooth.

3. Poor 1/4 c on a hot griddle and flip after 2 minutes.

4. Enjoy with your favorite syrup!