My Hero

My Brother (Gavin)

What Hero Means to Me

Being Hero means that, you stick up for others. You protect them from evil, like Batman protects Gotham City from Joker, Bane, Black Mask, Catwoman, Deadshot, Firebug, Hush, Kill Moth etc. Stand up for what you believe in. Don't let others bring you down. That's what a Hero means to me

Who's My Hero?

My hero, would probably be Batman, but we're not able to do that so my hero, is so close to being batman, but he's my batman. My hero Is my brother, Gavin Groehler. We have our ups and downs, but what brother and sister doesn't? He taught me how to skateboard. He taught me self defense. He taught me how to stick up for myself. I'm proud of him, and happy for all his accomplishments. He is soon to be completely in the Air Force. He just got done with boot camp. I'm happy to see him when he comes home for a month for Christmas. Gavin and I share so many special bonds. We both really like Dubstep, and we always update each other on a really good song. We game together on his X-Box, against each other. I'm not able to beat him yet, but I'm getting there. He means a lot to me whether he knows it or not. And I really miss him!
Devour - Hero [Dubstep]