Pride Rock News

By:Zazu Hornbill

Timone and Pumba's grilled grubs

June 2,1944

PRIDE ROCK-Come to Timone and pumba's grilled grubs and have a feast.Here,you can slurp up squishy grubs,crunchy beetles,red hot fire ants,and even larvae with green filling!First,pick out your grub/insect.After,bring it to the grill to have it cooked to your liking.So,stop by Timone and Pumba's grill and enjoy yourself.After all,who doesn't like grilled grubs?

Did Scar Fake His Death?

By Zazu Hornbill

June 2 ,1944

PRIDE ROCK-New findings cause suspicions claiming that Scar had faked his death.A week ago when reporters were reporting Scar's death,they couldn't figure out why there were no remains.Studies show that though killing a lion cub to make sure it doesn't grow up to compete with hyenas for property/prey is common,hyenas in fact do not eat lions.So that leaves us with the question of what really happened to Scar.Could a lion really not be able to fend off three hyenas and run away?If not what happened to the remains?The possibilities are endless.

The animal population suspects that Scar had possibly escaped and hoping that he will mever show his face againknowing that he woukd be shunned and possibly killed .What do you think?Do you believe that scar escaped or do you have so other wild story to explain why there were no remains left of Scar after the attack of the Hyenas?

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Forbidden love?

June 2,1944

Recent sightings show Kiara(Simba's daughter) and Kovu together.Simba had once chased out the son of a Scar supporter who's destiny was to overthrow Scar.Kovu and Kiara seemingly have developed a friendship that might soon blossom into something bigger.Hopefully this something will be strong enought to change one's destiny.Therfore,Simba has given kovu a chance and though Simba has not yet regretted it,the pride is told to keep a close eye on Kovu.Stay tuned to find out more about this forbidden love

Simba To the Rescue---By Zazu Hornbill

June 2,1944

Today Simba, like his father,chased away the poachers. Though, the pride land was protected, poachers had still sneak it in.Somehow,the poachers had found the elephants through the 12,000 sq miles and had managedit.But, luckily before too many elephants were killed Zazu reported back to Simba Who at a surprisingly quick pace, chased away the poachers. The private land is saved once again by our great king, Simba.

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Rafiki Drops Simba's Second


PRIDE ROCK-The day was warm, and the sun seemingly smiled it everyone, all was well, or so it seemed that way. Yesterday, during Simba and Nalla's newborn child's presentation Rafiki dropped the baby cub. The baby called or Simba and Nalla's second born, now named Ayokunle meaning joy fills our home in Swahili, slid from Raffiki's grasp. Luckily, when Rafiki dropped Ayokunle the animals below, while tripping over each others feet,ran to catch Ayokunle.So the bubbly Ayokunle was safe from harm.Later,the embarassed Rafiki picked up Ayokunle and this time successfully presented him to the world.

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