All about Carl Linnaeus

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Who are We Talking About?

We will be talking about Carl Linnaeus and some cool facts about him.

What Year was Carl born and What Year did Carl die?

Carl was born in 1707 and died at age 70 in 1778.

What was Carl's Life Before becoming a Scientist?

On May 23,1770, Carl was born and oldest of five children. At age 10 Carl started school he wasn't a bad student just didn't excel. At age 21 Carl enrolled into Lund University. At the age of 23 Carl became a botany lecturer at Uppsala University. In 1739 Carl married Sara Elisabeth.
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What He did for Us

Carl was famous for Taxonomy, he is also know for his naming system,ranking, and classifying organisms are still wide in use today.
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Cool Facts About Carl

  • Carl was born in a rural region of Sweden, only the second generation to have a permanent last name.
  • Carl took an unselfish and devote interest in his mature students
  • Carl was a teacher before becoming an scientist.