John Dillinger

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Biography About John Dillinger

John Dillinger was born on June 22, 1903, in Indianapolis, Indiana. As a boy, he committed petty theft. In 1924, he robbed a grocery store, and was caught and jailed. He escaped, and he and his gang headed to Chicago to put together one of the most organized and deadly bank robbing gangs in the country. The group continued on a crime spree until they were arrested. This criminal pattern continued for Dillinger until he was shot by the FBI in Chicago, Illinois, in 1934.

John Dillinger Impact In The 1920s

John Dillinger was an infamous gangster and bank robber during the Great Depression, and was known as "Jackrabbit" and "Public Enemy No. 1." during the 1920s.

John Dillinger Extra Facts And Questions That Might Be Asked

Dillinger, whose name once dominated the headlines, was a notorious and vicious thief. From September 1933 until July 1934, he and his violent gang terrorized the Midwest, killing 10 men, wounding 7 others, robbing banks and police arsenals, and staging 3 jail breaks—killing a sheriff during one and wounding 2 guards in another.
Mini Bio: John Dillinger
why did john dillinger keep robbing things ?

What was john dillinger first arrest for ?

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