Thank You for Trying Jamberry!

----------I am so excited to show you more!----------

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Jamberry!!

Thank you for requesting a sample or entering a giveaway I hosted. I'd like to introduce myself and what I offer, I'm Jennifer Garcia and a Jamberry Independent Consultant. I understand you have the option of shopping with anyone and for that reason, I treat my customers like stars!

Below is a video to help you apply your nail wrap sample.

Easy 1, 2, 3 Jamberry Nail Wrap Application
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Where do I order and how long does it take to get my order?

They can shop and order anytime at my website here: Once orders are place they are processed and shipped right away. Standard shipping takes 4-5 business days for them to receive their order.

What if someone has an issue with applying their Nail Wraps?

A lot of people are afraid to give Jamberry a try as they don't know how to do it, or maybe had a bad experience the first time. It does take a time or two to get the hang of it. I have helped TONS of ladies find an application style and method that works with their nail types. If someone has a bad experience, I will send her more wraps in the mail and help with with application. My goal is to do whatever I can to help them get 10-14 days out of their wraps. There are a few variables such as prepping nails with alcohol, cleaning up cuticles, having the right fit that play into the life of a wrap, but I can help with all that trouble shooting! By having someone send me a picture of their wraps, or simply private messaging me I can help solve a lot of questions. If you come across this know that I am available to help!

What if I or one of my friends want to host a party?

First, AWESOME! I love receiving referring parties!! That is how I get to meet awesome ladies like yourself! ;) I LOVE to host parties and work very hard to make sure my hostesses have the best party possible!! Getting them in touch with me would be a great first step! I can help answer any questions they may have! Once you hold a party, you will receive a 1/2 off coupon code once the lady's party closes. Also, depending on what comes from that party, I may be able to give you an extra special gift as a thank you! :)

What if I or one of my friends want to become a consultant?

This is also quite AWESOME! :D I LOVE LOVE LOVE introducing ladies to the awesome opportunity that Jamberry can provide for whatever reason they are looking to join, whether it be for the discount, extra income, or replace a full time job. All are options with Jamberry and I can help them navigate those waters! The team I am on with Jamberry also has a "sneak peak" twice a month that provides ladies the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look as well as access to more information that can help her make her decision. Getting her in on one of those is greatly helpful. These are all thing I can help them with, so just giving me an introduction is great!! I also reward my hostess for consultant referrals as well! ;)

What if I have more questions?

I am just a call, text, email, or FB message away!! Never hesitate to contact me.