By Geoffrey Horn / Book report by Hope Hauptmann


Usher is a book about a man who became a strong and powerful singer. I choose this book because I love Usher as a singer. I have always wondered how he became famous.By reading this book I found out how he became famous, he was on a band called the Nu Beginning and his mom thought he could do better.


This microphone is an example of how much he loved to sing. I learned that Usher loved music he would always sing songs.Usher was in a band but his mom thought that he could be a solo singer. Usher did really bad in school he would always get side tracked. Usher's teacher would say he would rather sing than write or sing than read.


This suit is an example of when it was show time.I learned that Usher had Queen Latifah does a big intro for Ushers new big hit. Queen Latifah had a big speech about Usher.Usher had a cue when to start to sing "You take some of the sleekness of San Cooke."Usher was a hard working men he would always were the nicest suit.


This stage is an example of when is was singing time.I learned that Usher was always the big man on the stage. Usher was only 5 feet 9 inches.Usher would do leaps,splits,kicks,struts and a back flip.

People singing on the streets

This picture is an example of when Usher was doing like little concerts on the streets.They still had to pay to see him sing. Usher liked singing on the streets.He would always have cute girls behind him dancing.

The type of person

The type of person that would like this book is if they like music or if they just like Usher.

The reason why I choose this book is because I like Usher.Now am not going to fight about if I think someone is better than Usher because some people might say OMG he is the best singer ever!!!!!!!!!!! Some might say Usher is not the best singer ever....