Club Rocks Newsletter

February term

What we did during January term

we started the year with some new themed nights for club rocks. The children really enjoyed the different themed nights and there was something for everyone. The new themed nights are games, science, arts and crafts, drama and cooking/baking. The chikdren got stuck in with all the themed nights really well. We had a variety of different activities for the different age groups at Club Rocks. At Waverton we organised activties more sutiable for the younger children at Club Rocks and at Saighton we organised activities more sutiable for the older children that come to Club Rocks.

Some of the activties we did at Waverton -

  • The potatoe expierement
  • Sensory bags
  • Junk Modelling
  • various games on games night (board games, card games, fun games, wii games etc)
  • Various baking activities

Some of the activities we did at Saighton -

  • Made puppets on sticks
  • Perfimred a drama show together
  • Made superman and batman out of empty cardboard rolls
  • Played various games
  • Made catapults
  • Various baking activities

Come take a walk on the wild side with club rocks this half term holidays!

This february half term Club Rocks will be taking a walk on the wild side so why dont you join us? We will be doing a week filled with fun, wacky activties for everybody to join in with themed on animals.

Monday - Giant art day making our very own giant paper mache animals! We will also be doing more animal craft activties.

Tuesday - Survial day! Can you survive in the wild? Come join us at Club Rocks to find out!

Wednesday - Delamere forset bug hunt.

Thursday - The Chester Zoo rangers will be visting us at Club Rocks.

Friday - Record breakers day. We will be competing in our own animal themed events to win prizes!