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January 2021 | Focus: Organization

Keeping it Together

As educators, we all know the importance organization plays in our own lives. Tools like calendars, checklists, agendas, and endless apps help us (literally) keep it together. For students the research is also clear, "data collected from journals, surveys, and students' grades indicated that any increase in student organization benefits students. Students lost fewer assignments and were better prepared for class when they had a sense of order" (ERIC, 2021).

When people think of organization skills, they tend to focus on the ability to keep physical things in order. While helping students to keep class papers in a folder and the folder in the backpack is vital for the management of workflow, it is more important to help them develop organization for cognitive reasons. Amanda Morin in her Understood article, 4 Ways Kids Use Organization Skills to Learn, summarizes perfectly why it is essential to spend time teaching students organizational skills. "Kids who have weak organization skills struggle with handling information in an effective and logical way. They often have difficulty setting priorities, making plans, sticking to a task and getting things done. These skills become increasingly important as your child moves through different grade levels" (Morin, 2021).

Given what we know, this month's Learning Focus looks to provide practical tips and ideas on how to build your students understanding and capacity around organization.

Organizational Tools - PBIS World (Click Image)

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