Pacific Ridge Principal's Update

Monday, September 6th

Welcome to the First Week of School!

We're excited to welcome back all of our Pacific Ridge Puffins on-site, all day & 5 days per week this school year! Our entire staff has been busy getting our school ready for the 1st day of classes! Each week, the Principal's Update will be sent via email, text, Facebook and posted on our website HERE. This weekly newsletter will contain important information about the upcoming week as well as future events!

Please be sure we have an accurate email address and cell phone on file so that you can stay up to date on all things happening at Pacific Ridge!

Thank you,

Mrs. Wozniak, Principal

School Nurse

A message from Mrs. Tobi Boyd our School Nurse

If your student is planning to return to school and they have medical issues or need to take medications during the school day, we need to hear from you asap! Student medications will need to be delivered to the office by a parent or guardian where the necessary forms must be completed.

We will need forms completed for each medication your student takes, even if your student has medication they need to keep with them during the day ie: inhaler or Epi-pen. Even if the medication is an over-the-counter medication, we will need to have a form on file signed by a parent or guardian.

Please contact the office at (503) 738-5161 or school nurse, Tobi Boyd at (971)320-3275 or email me at:

Safety Protocols

At Pacific Ridge we will be utilizing the guidance provided by the Oregon Department of Education in partnership with Oregon Health Authority.

Visual Screening

Prior to entry, students will be visually screened by a staff member and then provided hand sanitizer before entering the building. Students exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 will be asked to complete an additional screening by an office staff member. If a child is unwell or unable to attend, they will sit in a waiting room in the office until they are able to be picked up by a parent or guardian.

Face Coverings

On August 11th, the Governor’s office announced the implementation of a statewide mask mandate for all adults and children over the age of 5. This is effective in all indoor public spaces for students, staff, and visitors to the building. Students will be required to wear masks while inside the school. Masks should be clean and washed daily. If your child needs a new mask we have extra disposable ones on hand at school. Students will not be required to wear masks at recess, but will be taught to practice physical distancing.


We are only allowing one grade level at a time to go to recess. Following the OHA guidelines, students will be allowed to not wear their masks while at recess if they choose, but will be required to practice physical distance from their peers.

Physical Distancing

The Oregon Department of Education and Oregon Health Authority strongly advises students to maintain at least 3 feet between students to the maximum extent possible. Pacific Ridge will be following this recommendation as outlined by the state.

Class Cohorts and Interior Movement

Students will spend the instructional day with their homeroom class and teacher. In the classroom students will sit at 3 feet distance to the maximum extent possible while wearing face coverings. Students will remain with their class during specials such as Music, Library, and P.E. in order to reduce potential exposure. Classes will be required to wear face coverings and practice physical distance when in the hallways.

Breakfast and Lunch

In order to reduce exposure, students will be sitting in assigned seats with their homeroom class during lunch this year. We are only allowing one grade level to eat lunch at a time and students will be seated in a staggered manner at a distance of 3 feet without anyone sitting directly in front of them.

K-2 breakfast will be served in the cafeteria with students sitting in assigned seats with their grade level. Students will be seated in a staggered manner at a distance of 3 feet without anyone sitting directly in front of them.

3-5 breakfast will be served as students enter the building. Students in grades 3rd-5th will eat breakfast in their classroom and will be seated at 3 feet distance. We will also be using HEPA filters in the cafeteria and in classrooms.

Ventilation and Airflow

Pacific Ridge recently had significant updates completed on our HVAC system. Our new updates have improved indoor air quality. In addition to our updated HVAC system, we have air purifiers in each of our classrooms including larger spaces such as the cafeteria.

Frequent Hand Washing/Hand Sanitation

All students will be provided hand sanitizer upon arrival. When students leave the classroom and re-enter the room (i.e. bathroom), they will also be provided hand sanitizer or allowed to wash their hands. Prior to meals students will be required to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer as well.

Cleaning Protocols

Our custodial staff will be following specific guidelines in regards to cleaning and sanitizing the building each day. This includes disinfection, sanitizing, and paying special attention to high touch surfaces throughout the building.


Pacific Ridge loves having our families help out and we look forward to being able to do so soon. Volunteers as well as staff will be required to be vaccinated, beginning Oct. 18. We are not going to allow volunteers in our buildings until Oct. 18, and it will require having a newly issued badge. Please look for more information about this process in the coming weeks.

Food Service

Students have the option of receiving breakfast and lunch at no charge to our families this year. Breakfast & Lunch Menus

Absence Reporting

ROBO Calls

If your child is marked absent, our system will send out a robocall to let you know. This is primarily for safety reasons. If your child will be absent, please call the school office or email one of our secretaries and we will excuse them so you do not get the robocall.




Important Dates

  • School District Calendar
  • Tuesday, September 7th: First Day of School (Grades 1st-5th grade students only)
  • Wednesday, September 8th: Early Release at 1:30 for 1st-5th grade students
  • Thursday, September 23rd: Picture Day!

*Scroll down for important information about the first week of school for preschool & kindergarten students.

Morning Drop-Off

Due to our COVID-19 restrictions, and Oregon Department of Education safety guidelines, parents will not be able to walk their children to their classroom doors or enter the building. Please plan to say good-bye in your car. We will have multiple staff members outside waiting to meet students and walk them to class safely. Staff will be wearing badges and yellow/orange safety vests.

7:35-8:00 AM/Morning Drop-off Procedure:

  • Students may be dropped off starting at 7:35AM. School begins at 8:00AM. Please do not arrive prior to 7:35 AM. We will not have staff onsite to receive your child until 7:35 AM.

  • We will have staff outside with signs to direct you into the drop off area at the front of the school. (This is a different location than last year during hybrid)

  • Parents will need to remain in their car. Please have your child exit on the passenger side for safety reasons.

  • If you live in the neighborhood and walk your child to school, we ask that you drop them off at the front door.

  • Please pull all of the way forward. We will have multiple staff in the drop-off lane to walk your child directly to their classroom door.

Afternoon Pick-Up

Pick-Up Badges/Lanyards

This year students will be given a lanyard with their car # and name. Please be sure your child wears this to school each day. This will help us load cars more quickly during pick-up. Students will get their badge on the first day of school. If your student rides the bus and gets picked up, we will use the same badge for both pick-up and bus transportation.

2:30-2:50 PM/Afternoon Pick-up Procedure:

  • Each family will be assigned a # to hang on their vehicle’s rear view mirror.

  • We are assigning families the same # that they had last school year 2020-2021. You can use last year's tag if you still have it in addition to the one enclosed in this envelope.

  • If you need additional tags (multiple vehicles), please call the office to request one.

  • When entering the pick up lane, please make sure your number is visible and facing our staff.

  • A staff member will type your number into our electronic system that will signal to your child’s classroom teacher that your car has arrived for pick up.

  • Parents/guardians will need to wait in their cars. Your child will be brought out to your car. Students will only be released to the car with the # that is assigned to them.

  • Pick-up times will be staggered to limit time waiting in line. If you have a Kinder-2nd grader please plan to arrive between 2:30-2:40. If you have a 3rd-5th grader, please plan to arrive between 2:40-2:50. Default to the younger sibling. Ex: Kindergartener & 4th grader.

  • If you have not already received your tag in the mail, it is most likely because you have not completed the transportation preference survey. Please call our office ASAP so we can get your child on the pick-up list and assign your family a numbered tag.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and patience as we navigate having over 600 students in one building for the first time!

Bus Information

Bus Badges & Stop Information

During the 2021-2022 school year we will again be using our new bus badge program. This program increases the safety of our students on our buses by allowing us to know who is on the bus at all times and at which stop they exited.

Here's how it works. Student ID Bus Badge utilizes an ID attached to a student’s backpack or a lanyard which communicates with the Bus Pass scanner located on the bus. Bus drivers will scan the badge as students enter and exit the bus instead of having to take paper pencil attendance! If a child tries to scan their badge to get off at the wrong stop the system alerts the bus driver immediately.

If you have your child's bus badge at home, please send it with them on the first day of school. Returning students will have bus badges passed out on the first day of school. 1st-5th grade students who are new to Pacific Ridge will receive a bus badge after picture day. Kindergarten students will receive their bus badges on their first day of school and we will add their pictures to them after picture day.

Please be at your bus stop 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled pick-up time. Bus times vary due to traffic levels. Bus route information!

In order to provide consistency and ensure the safety of our students, each child will have only ONE destination. If you need to change your child to a pick-up, please call the office prior to 1:00 PM, so we can add them to our pick-up list and let your child's teacher know.

*Kindergarteners must be met by an adult who is known to the bus driver. If another adult will be waiting for your child, please call the office to let our secretaries know and send a note to school with the name and a description of the person. If the bus driver is unsure if the adult is OK to pick up a child, the driver will bring the child back to school and we will work it out there. The driver may need to ask to see the person’s identification. Thank you!!!

Preschool & Kindergarten Information

Staggered Start Information

Preschool & Kindergarten is on a full day schedule, however we are start the year with a “soft/staggered” start. This means the first week of school is a little different for our incoming kindergarten students than it is for students in grades 1st-5th.

  • Preschool school hours are 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM on M, T, Th & F. and 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM on W.
  • Kindergarten school hours are 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM on M, T, Th & F and 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM on W.
  • On Tuesday, September 7th & Wednesday September 8th, there will be no school for preschool & kindergarteners. Instead, parents and their child will meet individually with the classroom teacher for 15-20 minutes to introduce the child to the classroom and the teacher.
  • On Thursday, September 9th, just half the class (Last names A-L) will start school so students can learn the routines in a smaller group.
  • On Friday, September 10th, the second half of the class (Last names M-Z) will start school while the first half stays home.
  • On Monday, September 13th ALL preschool & kindergarten students (Last Names A-Z) will attend school together with the preschool day ending at 2:00 PM and the kindergarten day ending at 2:30 PM.

Items for Registration: A copy of their current immunization records and birth certificate on file in our school office PRIOR to beginning their first day of school. Please bring these items to your parent meeting with the teacher. We are happy to make copies for you!

School Supplies

Grade Level Lists

Attached is our school supply list for the 2021-2022 school year.

Need help purchasing supplies?

We have several generous community organizations who have donated backpacks and supplies. Please call the office and let one of our secretaries know. We'll be sure that your child has the supplies they need for the start of the school year!

Teacher Information

How do I contact my child's teacher?

Email contact information can be found on our school website

If you need to contact your child's teacher by phone, please call the school at 503-738-5161. If teachers are working with students, your call will be sent to their school voicemail.