Development of Colonial Industry

Evolution of Industry

First Setttlement

The first settlement in the "New World" was about 13,000 years ago without any resources of shelter, food, fresh water, and etc. The purpose of the first settlers were to find gold not knowing the climate or anything else.

Important Influences

Benjamin Franklin who discovered electricity, which helped to inventing machinery which lead to industrialism. George Washington became the 1st president and government was orn. There were many other influences too such as Thomas Newcomer, William Cooke, and etc.

Geographic Locations

  • The United States
  • Britain
  • France
  • Belgium
  • and Many more

Changing direction of the issue through the period

They eventually learned how to make money to provide for themselves through industry, before they relied completely on the supplies Europe sent to them. This method was very expensive and not very successful as far as keeping the people alive and healthy

Influences/responses from Europe

The most direct effect of mercantilism on the colonies was to make sure to concentrate on the production of crops that were profitable in world trade.