October in the Library

What's Happening?

1st Grade

No need to call Mr. Fisher if you're having trouble logging onto your computer! Mrs. Wick's First Grade class is coming to the library weekly to learn how to log onto the computers and are quickly becoming pros!

1st Grade

First Graders are using the library to learn about their Social Studies theme of Community and are learning about the elections. Towards the end of October, they will be using PollEverywhere.com to strengthen their computer skills and cast their votes on questions about presidents and leaders in the community.

3rd Grade

Mrs. Backus's Third Grade class will be visiting the library weekly to begin working on Social Studies and Science projects beginning this month!

4th Grade

Mrs. Cyr's Fourth Grade class is working hard to become better readers by coming to the library frequently and checking out "Just Right" books. For every book they read, students write a book review that is posted on the class blog. Check it out at:

4th Grade

Mrs. Glebus's class is also working on a book review blog that is focusing on Mysteries. Each student has chosen a book that is "Just Right" for them and is working hard to identify the problem, the steps to the solution, and the solution. For great mysteries to read, check out their review blog towards the end of October at:

5th Grade

Think it's getting cold out? Just be thankful it's not an Ice Age...talk to a Fifth Grade student about how that might have been since they'll be the new experts about it! The Fifth Grade classes will be coming into the library to use databases. evaluate websites, and use print resources to learn more about the Ice Age.

6th Grade

Looking for some news about Warrensburg Elementary School? Sixth Graders have started working on The Elementary Tribune, a weekly newsletter that will have news about our school, facts, anit-bullying information, and bits of trivia! Their newsletter will have a professional look as they learn how to use Microsoft Publisher and work on their keyboarding skills!

Mr. Lemery's Class

Mr. Lemery's class will be coming into the library towards the end of October to learn where different types of books are and how to find books that interest them!