By Alana Treadaway and Josie Copeland

Sweden country basics

Country: Sweden

Capital: Stockholm

Sweden's flag meaning: The blue and yellow reflect those of the swedish coat of arms-3 three gold crowns om a blue field

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Sweden Goverment

there government type is Constitutional Monarchy. Sweden leader is named Fredrik Reinfeldt and he was chosen by election. we found Sweden's prime minister at and how there leaders are chosen at there human or citizen rights include disappearance and Arbitrary or Unlawful Deprivation of Life and many more

Sweden Geography

It is located in the continent Europe. Some countries surrounding it are Norway and Finland. Some of its major land forms are Hallingsan canyon, Korallgrottan, Scandinavea mountains. Some of their major landmark are Gothenburg, Malmo, Marstrand. Three of its major bodies of water are the Baltic Sea, Norwegian Sea, and the North Sea.

Sweden Economy

In Sweden they have a high GDP of 405.5 billion. then they have a export of 178.8 billion and an import of 161.4 billion. Also Sweden has a life excpentcy of 81.98 years and a birth rate of 11.99 births and a population of 9.4 million people. we founds all of this information

Sweden Culture

There religion was Lutheran 87% others include Roman Catholic,Orthodox,Baptist,Muslim,and Buddhist.

They speak Swedish. Some of the Holidays they celebrate are Midsummer Eve,Christmas Eve, and New Years Eve. Sweden food includes meatball,Hash and picked herring and numerous other things

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Swedens Climate

On average Sweden gets about 500 to 800 millimeters of precipitation each year, making it considerably drier than the global average.

Some of Swedens History

In Sweden 1397 the Union of Kalmar united Sweden Denmark and Norway.

In Sweden 1638 "New Sweden" was founded in Delaware.

compare and contrast

Sweden religion is 87% Lutheran and United States