all about me


my family

I love my family it is awesome.They feed me of course,i play outside with them,and they love me and i love them <3. My brother is a little anyoing but on the other hand i love him always.My cat Trixe is so cute i love her so much. she is just so cute i just really love her.o i forgot i was born july 9 2007 my baby sis's name is brielle but we call her brie my bothers name is andrew but we call HIM drew

important memorys

one of my important memorys are when my aunt pat and my rabbit Twinkle toes. My aunt pat died in a car crash. Twinkle toes died with one eye up and one eye down i screamed mom dad Twinkle toe is dead. My aunt pat died when i was 6 years old. My mom went to her going to heaven party :(. It was in Mississippi I couldn't go my aunt Angie stayed with us and my dad watched me and my brother.

my goals

One of my goals are becoming a YouTube star with subscribers and many likes. i love my viewers they are awesome everybody is awesome. Another goal I want to accomplish is YOLO you only live once.


One thing i like to do is go horse back riding my mom got me and her spring or summer tickets in somewhere i for got where.Another thing i like to do is sing i only sing alone unless it is a play where no one can hear me


I really want to be a teacher because it seems awesome and I want to get into a good college I also want to edit really good on YouTube and for a while I want to be a pizza person and when i am in middle school i want to be a babysitter.