Coordinator Update

Rite-Hite Sales Coordinator Progress Report

First Quarter Progress Report

It's hard to believe that the Winter 2016 Program is already through the first quarter. The group has really bonded well and has set an extremely ambitious goal. As a team, they want to be remembered as the Greatest of All Time. In fact, G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) is the One Word chosen by the 16.1 Participants to be their laser-like focus throughout the program.
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Orientation Week

The program kicked off in earnest three weeks ago with an all-day workshop at the Milwaukee Art Museum whereby, in addition to the One Word discernment, the participants completed the Go-Giver Workshop.

"Why We Do What We Do" Workshop

In the first full week, we gave the group great freedom to study and present Rite-Hite's four Marketing Platforms. With study aides provided by the Operating Companies, Ward Wojciehowski, Tim Kubly and Joel Lotspeich worked with the participants to create and organize "Why We Do What We Do" Presentations.

Various Marketing Directors and RSVPs participated in the viewing and critiquing of the sessions and everyone was impressed. Each of the participants were extremely engaged and while not focusing on the products, it's amazing how much industry jargon and product knowledge everyone picked up throughout the process.

We are in the process of building a Knowledge Vision video review whereby one can see the impressive learning this process created.

Star 1: Selling "Rite"

During Week 2 the Coordinators participated in Star 1 along with 11 other trainees. It was a great week of learning the products, the Seven Steps of Selling, the Marketing Platforms, NXTGEN, Rite Trak and of course, immersion into our corporate culture. As per usual, the week culminated with our famous Resume Shredding Ceremony, symbolizing a career commitment to Rite-Hite.

Project Management / Appointment Setting

Last week, the real work began. With over 350 hours of appointments to set, Chad Dillavou and Ward Wojciehowski worked with the team to review the plan the participants put together to stay on track for the next 10 weeks. After the plan was approved, the group spent time in a communications workshop which established expectations for:

  • Phone call appointment setting
  • Calendaring and appointment confirmation
  • Following Through and post appointment confirmation

Chad and Ward will continue to meet with the group each week to keep the project on track and to help mitigate obstacles where necessary.

The King Pin is Back!

Each week, Sales Coordinators compete with each other to earn the coveted "King Pin" Award for outstanding achievement. In addition to a points earning system, votes are cast by participants and those interacting with the participants. The weekly winner will proudly sign their name to the award and keep it for the week.

At the end of The Program, the overall winner will get to keep the award for ever and always!

Week 1 King Pin - Jordan Angalich

Jordan came out of the shoot with guns blazing to secure the confidence of both his peers and the mentors in the first week of King Pin voting. The recognition was well deserved as Jordan came into his own during the "Why We Do What We Do" Presentations. Time will tell if we will see Jordan's signature on the King Pin a second time, but the odds are looking good.

Week 2 King Pin - Colby Herbst

Colby took the lead in Star 1 with his engaging presentation skills and the move did not go unnoticed amongst his peers nor the Facilitators for the week long training event. Like Jordan, I don't think anyone will be surprised to see Colby among the multiple winner ranks. Only time will tell if Colby has the ability to stay on top of his game for the duration of the program.

Week 3 King Pin - Evan Creppage

For the third straight week, we have a new Coordinator at the top of the team. Evan did a great job in week 3 getting a jump on the appointment setting and supporting the team throughout the week. Evan's ability to be genuine surely contributed to him earning the support of his peers and winning the award. Keep up the great work Evan!

"G.O.A.T." Report

First Quarter Update

Alex Lynch - Combo Rep, ACME Dock Specialists: Kansas City, MO

Mentor: Doug Donovan

Alex has a done a great job expanding his knowledge of Rite-Hite (both the culture and the products) by taking detailed notes and asking insightful questions. He has been both a leader and a contributor throughout the first quarter and he has earned the respect of his peers which is evident by his second place King Pin finish last week. Keep up the great work Alex, The King Pin awaits!

Colby Herbst -
In Plant Specialist, Arbon Midsouth: Nashville, TN

Mentor: Jeff Johnston

With a King Pin to his credit after Star 1, Colby is making the most of being the first In Plant Specialist to participate in the program. Colby continued to hone his presentation skills during "The Floor is Yours" last week when he introduced his peers and some mentors to the "Marshmallow Challenge." The talk was both informative and educational. If Colby can create that type of learning experience for customers, the Midsouth competition has a tough act to follow.

Evan Creppage - New Equipment Rep, Arbon Northcentral: Buffalo, NY

Mentor: Gerry Timms

Evan continues to grow in both his presentation and leadership skills. He is quick to credit his peers with a job well done and is constantly looking for what he can "take-away" from sessions. This undoubtedly contributed, in part, to his much deserved King Pin victory this past week. Additionally, this attitude will help to build relationships with customers, technicians and his support staff alike. Keep it up Evan.

John Schuster - Free Agent, Arbon Midsouth: The Carolina's

Mentor: Marc Sundquist

John has worked hard the first quarter to leave his comfort zone and tackle the challenges at hand with facts and input from others, rather than making snap decision based on emotion. This approach will take on extreme importance when serving customers and working with support staff within the Rite-Hite network. John had committed to applying a new Go-Giver Law each day to create a foundation of daily activities built on good habits and serving others. 21 days John, that all it takes (to create a habit).

Jordan Angalich - Field Service Rep, Arbon Northeast: Richmond, VA

Mentor: Joel Lotspeich

As reflected by his Week 1 King Pin victory, Jordan jumped out to take a leadership role right from the beginning. He's demonstrated that he knows when to take the lead AND when to take a backseat and is continually leading by example. He continues to reveal a little more of himself each week and is always quick to volunteer when we need one. Thank you for the great attitude Jordan!

Josh Partyka - Stokes Equipment

Mentor: Tim Kubly

What was perceived as "quiet" in the beginning has revealed itself as "observant" as the first quarter rolled by. Josh continues to gain the respect of his peers and the mentors by lending a hand whenever needed and displaying quiet confidence when the spotlight is turned upon him. Josh "got after it" when setting appointments last week, a habit that will translate well to the field.

Luke Otreba - New Equipment Rep, Arbon Canada: Toronto, ON

Mentor: Jon Schumacher

With "vast" experience prior to the program, Luke is doing a nice job applying those experiences to the Coordinator Program and a career at Rite-Hite. This is evident in Luke's ability to let others take the lead at times, while offering ideas which compliment and support the task at hand. When asked however, Luke does not shy away from taking the lead, as he has done on a Feature-Advantage-Benefit spreadsheet which he is compiling.

What's Next?

Appointments, appointments and more appointments. The team is off to a great start with setting quality appointments. We will keep on them to conduct quality follow through as well.

Additionally, because of scheduling challenges late in the program, the team is committed to attempting the coveted Dok Lok sign-offs prior to Star 2 the week of March 6. This is a lofty goal, but certainly within reach for a group who wants to be know as The Greatest of All Time.

Thank you to everyone who has offered support to date. We could not do this without you!