Mr. Rickeys Experiment

Bryce Szymanski

a step to change the MLB

1.Mr. Rickey, wanted to change the league, even though he had no supporters he took it to the club directors. To allow blacks to play.

When Mr. Rickey saw that black people want to play baseball, Mr. Rickey wanted to make a change to the MLB. He wanted black ball players to be able to play in the majors. He took it to the league directors, no one liked the idea but he still tried.

pg. [291]

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Jackie Robinson and branch Rickey making a deal to join the Montreal royals.

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2. Even when the directors didn’t believe his league was a real genuine project, he went right along with it.

Branch Rickey is trying to make a league where black players can play. No one thought that he was serious, so no one supported him. Even though no one thought he was serious he still tried

pg. [290]

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the Brooklyn dodgers stadium

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Mr. Rickeys promise

Quote 1

"The day will come when I will make that day.”

pg. [289]

Mr. Rickeys challange

Quote 2

“He knew that there would be racial resentment, and racial violence but he knew he was morally right.”

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