May 16-Mariner Matters

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

Shout Outs!

Emily Langdon and Melissa Hodge for volunteering to help another class complete mClass after finishing their assignment. Doris Gilmore for always helping out after school. Leann Munoz for supporting testing. Kendra Riggsbee, Stephanie Sevelovitz and Jennifer Hawkins for working with the curriculum team on a math program for next year. All of our dedicated bus driver who this week alone drove the bus when one had a funeral out of town and the other had their tooth pulled.

Fun Stuff

I know we are all assessing students and preparing for end of grade testing. When students are finished with all of the testing don't forget to try and plan some engaging, fun projects. If there is anyway I can help I will do that. Hang in there!


The MTSS committee will meet again this week to complete the implementation rubric. Please plan to stay until its finished.


Benchmarking assessments end on Friday and all mclass assessments must be completed.


All EVAAS information should be submitted by Wednesday.

Benchmarking data &MTSS

I will begin reviewing benchmarking data this weekend and meet with Donna, Christina and Darlene next week. The purpose is to look at starting draft plans for students for next year so it will not take as long to get up and running with our tier. If a student data improves after the September benchmarking then we will not move forward with the intervention plan. This way teachers will have something in place soon instead of after the first 9 weeks. Darlene will be here on Tuesday if you have any questions about draft plans.


Please, please try to be on time for your morning and afternoon duties. The multipurpose room is becoming very crowded in the mornings. We will be adding another person to that duty because of the number of children.

Class list

Just a reminder that grade levels will need to give me a draft class list at the end of the year.

PLC meetings

We will not have any more PLC meetings with coverage but I will be asking PLCs to meet with me during grade level planning at least once more before the end of school. I will email the grade levels separately.