Candy Fundraiser

candy roses

Old Fashion Candy Company

25 boxes for $600 total. Sales not only Candy roses but also chocolate bars, snacks and other fundraising ideas. Also by using Old Fashion Candy company for fundraising you can make more money, be a successful fundraiser, less work for you, ships in 24 hours, and you can earn free prizes.

Fortune Fundrasing

25 boxes for $30.03 total. It also has the highest quality products, step-by-step support, prompt delivery and service, and the ultimate prize program.


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Freedom Fundraising

25 boxes for $1500 total. They do not only sell candy but they also sell food. Some food like cheese its and rise crispy treats. They make big boxes that have a variety of candy and some with food. It makes less work for you because it has 24 hour shipping. But there is a $1 shipping fee,but it would be worth it.