Using Data to Improve Instruction


What does "data" include?

New Accountability System Continued

  • Met Standard - 1 Distinction Earned
  • Top 22% of Elementary Schools in Texas
  • Ranked 916th out of 4101 Elementary Schools in Texas
  • 4 Indices - Growth

GOALS for the 2014-2015 School Year

Improve instruction through engaging, rigorous, hands-on, authentic lessons

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Background Thoughts

How do we get students to the correct verb level that the questions require?

Which areas must be addressed with new math TEKS?

How can I help older grades achieve success?

How can my special area support state assessments?


...and don't forget your peers!

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The point is to improve instruction and student achievement at all grade levels in all subjects.


STAAR Released Questions

Analyze questions with your team. I wonder...

We need 7 groups!

Make a group of 7ish people. You need at least one person from each grade, at least one special area teacher and at least one aide.

Get ready, get set, make a group!

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Guiding Questions to Decision Making

Panther Den - It May Be the Answer to How, When and Who!

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Making the Changes - Think While Writing Lesson Plans

  1. Mark the TEKS Performance Information in Forethought
  2. Include New or Adjusted Plan
  3. Include Spiraling Plan
  4. Include Tutoring Plan

It's all about what is best for kids!


What has your biggest "Aha" moment this week?