The Journal of Scott Pendleton

Walter Dean Myers


There is a soldier named Scott he goes through a lot in the war. A lot of the people he knew died, and he went through most of the events in world war 2. Scott sees so many dead body's and animals. It's a sad, interesting, funny, and a factual book.


I learned that war is like the biggest nightmare. Scott saw so manny people dying and wounded. Scott shot people and it's hard to shoot some one because you know that they have family to. Scott had to run right by people that were wounded and hearing them screaming it was hard for him. Scott lost a lot of acquaintances and he didn't want to make friends because they would probably not make it.

Historical facts

The 116th infantry regiment was mostly young Americans that lived in Virginia and fought in the war, and all of Europe they went through realy brutal battles. They fought through d day, Omaha beach, and a lot more. They had to battle in every city there was no safe place. They usually always found fox holes and ate, and slept there. A lot of animals died in the war and civilians.



Myers, Walter. Journal of Scott Pendleton. New York: scholastic Ink, 1999 print