Kindergarten Happenings

February Newsletter

January was full of excitement, especially with our first (and hopefully only) big snow! Please make sure your child has all their snow gear (hats, gloves, snow pants and waterproof boots) at school so we are able to take the kids out when the weather permits. If they do not have all of the items listed, they cannot go in the snow. However, they will still be outside with us.

Report cards for kindergarten were distributed on Friday, 1/29. Conferences are not required this quarter but if you would like one please let me know.

Pre-K 2's progress reports will be distributed with the monthly folder at the end of February. If you would like to set up a conference with Bootsie, let her know.

February is going to be full of events! Here are the important dates:

2/3- 100th Day of School Celebration

Make sure your child's 100 items are handed in by this day. It can be edible but does not have to be. Just be mindful of food allergies. Put the items in a plastic sandwich bag labeled with your child's name. Everyone will present their items so be creative!

We will also do lots of activities all related to the number 100! The kids are so excited to reach this big day in the school year!

2/12- Valentine's Day Party

Please help your child decorate a small box for their valentines. The only requirement if that their name be visible. The kids will pass out their valentines to their friends. This is a great opportunity for them to write and spell other people's names. I sent home a class list, but if you misplaced it let me know.

2/15- Teacher In-Service Day

School will be closed.

It's hard to believe we are already half way through the year! Thank you for all you do!

Miss Jessica and Miss Bootsie

❄️Fun in the Snow❄️

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Curriculum this Month..

Language Arts

  • Cause/ Effect, Sequence, Characters, Classfying, Setting
  • Long u, o, e
  • Sight words- yellow, green, big, get, so, some, out, come, then, down, away, where, jump, help, funny


  • Story starters
  • Independent writing 3+ sentences
  • Self editing
  • Journal word application


  • Addition
  • Fact fluency to 10
  • Subtraction
  • Money


  • Matter
  • Heat and Light
  • How Things Move

Social Studies

  • Maps
  • National Symbols
  • Our country's leaders
  • President's Day
  • Changes through time
  • Early explorers

Health and Wellness

  • Healthy Foods
  • Being Active
  • Home Safety

Look at Us Learning

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