4th Grade Math Planning

September 20, 2016


  • Highlighter practice
  • Grid practice
  • Sentence Stems: Today we have _____wholes and ____ hundredths.
  • Quality Questions: If I color ____square, what fraction of the grid will I be coloring in today?
  • Look at October's Plan; Sentence Stems and Quality Questions
  • New Plans, old resources

Blended Learning Implementation

  • DreamBox
  • TTM-in October
  • Think Central-accounts working? aliefTxxxxxx aliefTxxxxxx!
  • Small Groups, IP, ICreate- Discuss Below
  • Interventions
  • Rotations-how many? what do they look like?
  • Small Group Templates and Binder set up
  • Quick Draw Game
  • Salute

Unit 1 Assessment-September 13th

  • Accommodations-teachers should take pictures of anchor charts to create a resource packet for their students who are pulled out of the room for testing.
  • Plan to go over the most missed questions and clear misconceptions the next day to provide immediate feedback.
  • Highlighters
  • Grid Paper/copies
  • Reteach/Retest
  • What do they do when they are finished? No reading books!
  • DMAC/Grading- look at reports-training needed? Share tree map and compare district percentages.
  • Scoring should be listed as a positive and not a negative. Score how many they got correct, not how many they got wrong. Can be in a fraction. Not in red please.
  • No more testing on CPC days, students get 60 min, so students with extended time will receive 90 minutes.

Unit 2: Estimation and Number Theory- Test is September 30th- Preview Test

  1. TEK Walk-
  2. No Readiness Standards
  3. Round to hundred thousand place
  4. X 10 and 100
  5. 2 two-digit numbers X using arrays, area models, equations, perfect squares
  6. four-digit by 1-digit with strategies and standard algorithm
  7. round to nearest 10, 100, 1000 or use compatible numbers to estimate
  8. Materials: Number lines, number lines, number lines!
  9. Tips: Teach the algorithm last. Can use Fast Focus questions when ready to add more problem solving.

Quality Questioning and Sentence Stems:

1. Which is the closest estimate of _____ X ______?

2. Why is the word "about", an indication to estimate?

3. How are factors and multiples similar? Different?

4. How is the array model and area model similar? Different?

My answer ______ is reasonable because ......

___ is a common factor of ____ and ____ because ....

Small Group Binders- Begin September 19th

  • Share forms and discuss binder set up.
  • How many groups per day?
  • Interventions?
  • Lowest group, everyday.

Coming Soon! Math IStation

  • new universal screener
  • only covers number and operations
  • will begin sometime in October, probably the beginning
  • middle of year testing will be for all students that you have concerns for
  • training webinars will be coming soon
  • Is K-4 and can be used for progress monitoring
  • BOY test should only take about 20 minutes
  • Testing may be done in the classroom

Unit 3:Multiplication and Division- Read clarifications.

TEK Walk:

  • We introduce variables, in equations and strip diagrams and bar models.
  • Analyze given information to check for understanding and if answer is reasonable.
  • Interpreting remainders- The remainder matters!
  • Include one and two step problems
  • Process or a relationship column in the middle
  • Reverse of the process

Salute and Quick Draw Games!