How much will you loose?

Do you wonder where your hard earn money is going?

There are several taxes that everyday people have to pay for through their job. How much is you have to pay, is based on how much you make. You will always be taxed by a Federal withholding tax, a State withholding tax, and the FICA tax.

Federal and State Withholding Taxes

Federal Withholding Tax: This tax is required by law and the money collected is used for government purposes like the Military, or other government departments.

State Withholding Tax: This type of taxation is also required by law and the money gathered from this tax is used for local and state purposes like road construction.

Types of Taxation

Guaranteed to make you hate taxes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the reason for all of these taxes?

A: The government getting its money to spend from the poeple, and the way they collect this is trough taxes.

Q: How much will your taxes be?

A: It all depends on how much you make; the larger your groos pay, the more you pay.

More Questions?

Contact the Federal reserve yourself! I;m sure they would love to answer any of your questions!