Welcome to COMM115!

With Instructors Laski & Klotzbach

Over the next seven and a half weeks we will be exploring the basics of information literacy, and learning useful skills that will help you in every class you take at Bryant & Stratton College. You will learn about the evolution of information and the impact of technology on research as you learn how to find, use and analyze information and data and then communicate research findings. The research process and projects required of each student include inquiry into the chosen career field along with assignments on how changes in technology have impacted the communication process in the career field.

Carolyn & I will be working with you throughout our course. If you have a look at the Meet Your Instructor link to the left of this announcement you can also see my contact information and profile information.

Please take some time and review the Introductory Documents, located under that tab on the left side of the screen. The Supplemental Syllabus explains important aspect of the class, such as grading information and class etiquette. The Tracking Calendar is the single most important document I’ll supply this semester – it outlines every assignment, activity, and requirement for the class.

Each week you will have a mixture of readings, discussions with your fellow students, and some activities to help make your learning more applicable to the real world. Please also take a moment to explore the course and learn your way around. Once we start we'll be moving at a relatively quick pace, and learning where to find what you need is part of the learning process. Please also feel free to ask questions any time. I am here to help guide you through our course and I hope you will feel comfortable getting in touch with me any time.

If you have ANY questions please feel free to email me or Carolyn! I look forward to working with you over the next several weeks!

-Mrs. Laski (feel free to call me Jen)