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In this June 2017 issue:

Digital Citizenship -- COAST PD -- Phones -- Newsela -- CA Teachers Summit --


Digital Citizenship Week

As we are seeing more and more devices integrated into instruction (yay!) and students accessing the internet more regularly, it is no surprise that digital citizenship is an important type of citizenship for our students to develop. For example, in addition to teaching our students to be nice on the playground and take care of their supplies, we also need to teach them to speak kindly online and protect their passwords.

Your administrators will give you more direction about digital citizenship week, but this video will show you where to find Hueneme online resources to teach your grade level lesson. There are some new options this year, so make sure to check them out and collaborate with your grade level team.

Digital Citizenship Week 2017


Surf's Up on the COAST PD Wave! Tech Training just for YOU!

If you haven't already explored our COAST game, now is the time! It's Collaborative. It's Online. It's Activity-based. It's Self-paced. And it's Technology Training just for you with a fun twist! Earn badges and prizes as you learn and practice ways to use technology in your classroom.

These three teachers have completed level 1 and surfed on to level 2! Who will be next?

COAST How to Log In
Start here!! COAST Through My Classroom!

Click the button to get more info from the Hueneme webpage, or go to chromewarrior.net to start playing!


District-wide telephone project!

This summer, while you are relaxing, your classroom phone will be getting a face lift, along with our entire phone system. This is exciting for many reasons-- stay tuned in the fall to learn about some new features you may find useful!

IMPORTANT-- If you have any personally-owned phones connected in your classroom, please take them home. Workers will be removing and replacing all telephones currently on campus during this project. Any phones left in classrooms will be irretrievable when school resumes in fall.


Newsela for Nonfiction Reading

Have you been using Newsela with your class? If your students sign in before school is out, they will have access to Newsela all summer. Sounds like a great option for our kids with internet (or library) access!


California Teachers Summit--- July 28, 2017

Sponsored by many advocates of public education, including Cal State Universities and the CA Dept of Education, this teacher focused conference is part TED Talk, part EdCamp, and totally awesome! It is also free, and right in our own backyard! Hope you can join us at CSU Channel Islands for a mid-summer teacher refresher! #CAbettertogether
Now More Than Ever! CA Teacher Summit

Click here for registration and location information


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