Florida's Beauty

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Day 1: Everglades National Park

This park is very large. It is 1.5 million acres in size. The park provides habitats for many rare and endangered species like the manatee, American crocodile, and the elusive Florida panther. When you get there, you can take an airboat ride through the swampy water, bike on trails, take boat tours or take out a canoe, camp or hike. Guides are available to describe the reptiles which are shown off to visitors.

Homestead, Flamingo, Everglades City and Miami

Everglades National Park Adventures

Day 2: Jungle Island

Jungle Island is one of the most colorful places in South Florida. Many exotic birds are on display and there are live performances including them. You can eat at the "Lakeside Cafe", explore Flamingo Lake, watch wildlife encounters, hold and pet animals that you have never touched before, visit the petting zoo, take photos with animals, and enjoy many family activities.

Miami, Florida


Following your visit to beautiful Jungle Island, why not enjoy a meal nearby at the famous Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. The whole family will enjoy the festive atmosphere, friendly service, and the freshest seafood available. Flamingos aren't the only ones to enjoy great shrimp in Florida!

Bayside Marketplace

401 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33132
Ph: 305-379-8866

Day 3: Lion Country Safari

Lion Country Safari has over 900 animals, 4 miles of drive-through preserve with bountiful natural sites and close encounters with wild animals, a 55 acre amusement park, a feeding station for giraffes and a wonderful restaurant. You can see animals you've never seen before, learn all about them, and have fun all day long!

West Palm Beach

Lion Country Safari

Day 4: NASA Kennedy Space Center

When you go to KSC, you don't just play, you learn in a very fun way! This historical site is where actual launches have taken place for our nation's Space Race. Come and see the huge displays in our museums and visitor centers. IMAX movies, ATX (Astronaut Training Experience), and a Rocket Garden are just some of the exciting exhibits. Rockets like the Saturn V are on display and you may see the actual rockets, spacesuits and capsules that were in space and have returned to earth. There are interactive activities and guides to teach you about the materials used to get to space, the accidents which have happened and solutions to problems NASA has had. See our Earth and Universe in beautiful images. Schedule lunch with an astonaut and learn all about eating and sleeping in space.


A Visit to Kennedy Space Center and Astronaut Training Experience

Day 5: The Florida Aquarium

Come and see amazing marine animals in floor to ceiling tanks filled with live corals. Fierce sharks, endangered sea turtles, moray eels and so many unusual creatures can be seen here. Take a cruise or cool off in the outdoor water adventure zone. For a memorable experience, come Dive With The Sharks, Swim With The Fishes or pick up a Backstage Pass to meet the Penquins. Here you can combine fun and adventure with learning.

Downtown Tampa

What's New at The Florida Aquarium