HOG - Sunday Smack Down!!

Flash Challenge TODAY ONLY!!!

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SUNDAY is my favorite day to get myself organized for the week and reach out to some ladies! TODAY the FOOTBALL playoffs are on all afternoon. I know Craig will be in front of the TV all day and I am assuming all HUBS will be doing the same. Ladies will be online shopping, out and about and what a PERFECT time to CALL and reach out about the new line!!!!

Today's challenge!

***BOOK a NEW show and POST below on the PINNED POST on our HOG page! It can be for ANY month!!! You will be entered to win a $25 Stella Gift Card!



Hey Jane...I hope all is well. Happy New Year! I just thought of you. I ordered our new Spring line and it's amazing!! I just know you are going to love it to!!! I know you mentioned a spring show and would love to do that for you!!! I have ___ and ___ available! January hostesses receive an extra $50 in jewels!!!! How fun! What do you think..... (pause on phone)
-Then continue with any objection she may have!! If she says no to your CLOSEST DATES....offer two more! Be prepared with dates highlighted in your calendar!!!!! Seal the deal!


Use these above images!

Remember to post on the PINNED post for a FLASH INCENTIVE today!!!! Click below and make sure to use the above images to help book!! They are super cute!