217 Adventure

First Quarter Reflections

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My Greatest Acomplishment

I think I'm going to need a drum roll before I tell so......(drum roll)...My greatest accomplishment was Fear Fest. I really liked it because got to do stories based off of our mind,our imagination. Some stories we got off of parents or the internet but we added on to them we continued to work on them. I feel like it was awesome and I want to do it again.

My Greatest Challenge

My greatest challenge also happened during Fear Fest. It was about the time when we were almost done with our script we were just making adjustments to it and practicing it. It was all going well when we kept changing stuff, and the 2 other people in my group started to disagree we had to get a parent to fix this. There was still more 1 of the people in my group was also in another so she was hopping from group to group and it was harder to practice. There was still more because the person in 2 groups didn't know all her lines which was okay. We fixed this because we kept practicing and didn't just quit and in the final publication was awesome. My greatest accomplishment was kind of my greatest challenge.

My Goal For Next Quarter

My goal for next quarter is to get straight A's and to do the best I can. This is important because it is good to have good grades. I will make this goal happen by working hard.