WWI Home Propaganda

Marveli Cruz

War Economy

Would you believe The total cost of World War 1 was approximately 32 Billions or 52% of gross national product at the time?  When war began the U.S was in recession, but economic boom in the 1914 to 1918. Europeans would buy U.S goods.

Women's Work

World War 1 was a time for womens to improve their effort to show mens they could work too. Since most of the mens had gone to war there was a space where womens could step up and get recognized for their work. Some of the roles know womens would chooose were; Nurses, Munititions factory workers, sewing bandages, and selling war bonds.

Espionage Act

Act of 1917, Enforced by A. Mitchell Palmer. It made it a crime for any person to convey information intendet to interfere with the U.S armed forces prosecution of the war effort or to promote the success of the countries enemies. anyone found guilty would get a fine of 10,000 and a prison time of 20 years.

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