Explorer Jacque Marquette

The Explorer of the Mississippi.

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What did he explore

He explored the Mississippi also called by the natives the Messipi. He did it with his friend Jolliet and a few of Jolliet's friends. So they were the first ones to explorer most of the Mississippi and Marquette took most of the credit.

When did he explore

On May 17, 1673 he explored the Mississippi. Marquette's group traveled westward to Green Bay in present-day Wisconsin, ascended the Fox River to a portage that crossed to the Wisconsin River and entered the Mississippi near Prairie du Chien on June 17, 1673. In 1674, he set out to found a mission among the Illinois Indians.

Why did he exlpore what did he want.

What he wanted was to spread Christianity among the Indians so he could spread the word of god, because he went to Society of Jesus and became a Jesuit missionary.

What did he use. (Equipment, Food, Etc)

He had 5 men with him including himself and Jolliet. They brought 2 birch canoes both him and Jolliet in charged of different ones, water, and smoked meat.