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attraction theory


Rachel and Monica fight on double date - friends

deceptive communication

This is deceptive communication because they switched names. Rachel is pretending to be Monica and Monica is pretending to be Rachel and the doctors have no idea.
Bridesmaids Annie meets Helen

Backhanded compliment

Helen and Annie may sound like they are complimenting each other but their intentions are to insult one another. By saying that Annie is "cute and sweet" she is making her seem more insignificant and lesser of a person.
The Office- Top 20 Michael vs. Toby Moments!!!


Michael and Toby work together but Michael doesn't like Toby. He often bullies him in the office with rude comments. By telling Toby " I hate so much of what you chose to be" Michael is specifically bullying Toby as a person.
Gossip Girl - Blair and Chuck, my favorite scene ever. =]

Disconfirming Behavior

In this scene Blair is showing that she does not care about Chuck's feelings. He told her that he really likes her and she says that its gross and to get over it. This is disconfirming the feelings that he has just shared with her.
Inside Amy Schumer - Compliments - Uncensored

Showing self-deprecating strategies

In this video the girls are trying to compliment each other but they all use self-deprecating strategies instead of accepting the compliments
The Office - Dwight You Ignorant Slut!

Emotionally tone deaf

Michael is emotionally tone deaf because he doesn't pick up on emotional cues and doesn't understand how to interact in an effective manner. In this scene he is trying to explain depression and how serious it is, instead he is calling Dwight names and being dramatic.
Sheldon giving advice on appropriate sexual behaviour

Sexual Harassment

Is when you cross the line and make someone feel uncomfortable in a sexual context. For example Sheldon is trying to explain how her actions came off in negative way without her knowledge, but then proceeds to sexual harass her by claiming she is only good for reproducing.
The Originals 2x06 Esther slaps Klaus


Purposefully making a comment that hits below the belt that as a way to kick someone while they are down. He was saying she was a slut for sleeping with someone other than his father which is not how you are supposed to address your mother in an argument.
Pam's Art Exhibition // The Office US

Graciously Accepting a compliment

Pam was very excited about her art and heard people negatively critique it, and only two people from her work showed up. Michael compliment to Pam's artwork meant a lot and she is so grateful she accepts his compliment saying thank you and gives him a hug.


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Ludus: Friends with Benefits

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Storge: Made of Honor

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Pragma: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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Mania: The Notebook

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Agape: Up


Semantic Noise

Difference in meaning causing barriers in communication. Since the mother and the son are not understanding the same use of the word classy.
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Stereotyping based on gender

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8 Physical Symptoms caused by emotions:

1. Anger makes our cheeks get red and causes our breathing to increase.

2. Sadness makes us cry and our breathing to become short.

3. Happiness causes us to laugh and our eyes to tear up.

4. Depression makes us sit still and not want to get up.

5. Irritation causes us to roll our eyes.

6. Scared makes our heart rate increase and our palms to get sweaty.

7. Embarrassment makes us blush and our hands to shake

8.Boredom make us sigh or look around the room.

Abstract to Concrete


9. Good Movie

8. Well critiqued movie

7. Some new movie, that I havent seen

6.In the movie theater so its on a big screen

5. A movie thats at least two hours long

4. Popular movie that everyone has been talking about.

3.Action movie that tells a good story throughout.

2. That has famous actors in the action movie.

1. Batman vs. Superman