Disaster Strikes At Fableheaven

Demons and Monsters and Magic Oh My

Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

July 30, 2006 359 pages Shadow Mountain Publishing

Character Description

Kendra and Seth are a sister and brother who are sent to their grandparents house while their parents go on a cruise. The kids drink the milk of a giant cow, Viola, and discover that Grandpa is actually the caretaker of a mystical land called Fablehaven, where he protects fairies and mystical creatures. Grandpa has two caretakers, Dale and Lena who help him protect Fablehaven. Grandma had been turned into a chicken before the story. The kids call this chicken Goldilocks, not knowing at first that it is actually their grandmother. Seth meets a witch, named Muriel, in the woods, who is imprisoned in a shack. Grandpa and the kids meet a fairy catcher named Maddox who warns them of a dangerous group called the Society of the Evening Star. The kids go to Muriel to free their Grandma from being a chicken. Muriel then plots with Bahumat, a demon, to destroy Fablehaven. Kendra enlists the help of the Fairy Queen to defeat the evil forces and protect Fablehaven.

Plot Summary

In the beginning, Seth and Kendra are going to their grandparents house because their parents are going on a cruise. Their grandpa said their grandma was away visiting a sick aunt. When they got to his house, they were surprised that he had caretakers, Dale and Lena. Grandpa told the kids there were two rules, not to go into the adjoining woods and to stay out of the barn. Seth ignored Grandpa's rules and went into the woods, where he met Muriel, who he didn't know at the time was a witch, who was kept captive in a shack. Kendra was looking around her room and found and completed a puzzle that told her to drink the milk of the giant cow, Viola, that Dale had left out to feed the wildlife. She told Seth to drink the milk and he did, and then told her that he was seeing fairies all around. Kendra thought he was kidding and so she drank the milk and also began seeing fairies all around her. Grandpa then came outside and realized they had drank the milk and he told them that he had been the caretaker for a mystical land called FableHaven that protects mystical beings such as fairies from extinction.

Then a fairy catcher named Maddox came in and told them all about the fairies he had found and warned them that the Society of the Evening star was doing bad things to preserves for mystical beings and they should beware. Kendra read a letter the next morning that revealed just how bad the Society was. Seth captured a fairy in a jar and kept it in his room and it became an imp because you can't keep fairies overnight in a house. The other fairies got mad at him because of this and turned Seth into a deformed walrus creature. Grandpa made a deal with Muriel that he would undo one of the magical knots keeping her captive in the shack if she would undo the spell that made Seth a walrus. She agreed and Seth was freed from the spell, but now Muriel was only one knot away from getting out of the shack. Only a mortal blowing on the knot could free her.

Seth and Kendra went back to the house and Grandpa warned them about the Summer Solstice, where all the mystical creatures could run free throughout the property. He told them to stay in bed with earplugs, but they heard a baby crying and Seth opened the window and a goblin and a giant centipede came in. Then Dale busted in the room and started shooting at the creatures and then he told Seth and Kendra to get behind the salt line keeping them safe in their beds, and they did. The next day when they went downstairs, the house was destroyed, they heard a loud crumbling noise outside and Dale was now a stone statue. Grandpa and Lena were nowhere to be found.

The kids have a pet chicken named Goldilocks that spelled out "I'm Gram" in its food and they realized it was their missing Grandma. They brought it to Muriel, and blew on her last knot so she would turn Gram back human. Muriel was free and disappeared.

Grandma asks a troll to help her and the kids find Grandpa. They find out Muriel is holding him and Lena in the Forbidden Chapel, where Bahumat, a demon, has been imprisoned. Muriel frees Bahumat so he will destroy Fablehaven. Muriel captured everyone but Kendra and Kendra goes to the Fairy Queen for help. The Fairy Queen gives her a recipe for a potion that turns all the Fairies into 6 feet tall Fairy Warriors. The fairies were able to heal all the imps and use them to fight Muriel and free the family.

The kids go back home to their parents.


Seth and Kendra have discovered that their Grandpa is actually the caretaker of a mystical land called Fablehaven. Grandpa warns them on the night of the summer solstice to stay in their beds, because the mystical creatures can roam free that night. The kids did not obey and they discover that their pet chicken is actually their grandma under a magical spell,

Grandpa and Lena are missing and Dale has been turned into a statue. The kids set out to find Grandpa and Lena and save/free Grandma and Dale. They ask Muriel for help. She does help them turn Grandma back into a human, but they have to set her free to get her help. Once Muriel is free, she sets free an evil demon named Bahumat and together they try to destroy Fablehaven. Muriel is also keeping Grandpa and Lena hostage and she captures Seth and Grandma also. Kendra escapes and goes to the Fairy Queen for help. The Fairy Queen creates a warrior Fairy army and they battle Muriel and Bahumat to save Fablehaven.

Quotation Explanation

"Somehow powerful magic is accomplished by simple means."

This is Grandpa's response to Seth's question about why Fairie's don't turn to imps if they are simply let outside for some portion of the night. This quote is important to the character development of the book because in several places in the book you see Seth learning to be more careful about his actions. He changes his views about the mystical creatures and he begins to take more caution with them and have more respect for them. By the end of the book, Seth is working alongside his Grandpa to protect Fablehaven.

Book Review

Fablehaven was a great book to read, the descriptions were detailed and I really felt like I was a part of the action. The author did a good job making the characters seem real. I wish he would have explained some of the magic and monsters a little better, at some points I was a little confused. I was so interested in the story line, that I bought the next book to see what happens to Fablehaven and the characters in the first book. It was a very interesting book and fun to read.


Fablehaven ends with Fairy Queen creating an army of Warrior Fairies to defeat Muriel and Bahumat because she felt sympathy for Kendra. Bahumat and Muriel were defeated by this Fairy Army. Grandpa and Grandma, Dale, Seth, Lena and Seth, along with the imps, were healed and returned to their normal form by the Fairies. Kendra and Seth returned home to their parents, acting like they had a secret to keep.