Mission & Goals

Laura Meyer - April 29, 2016 - $85,161

Personal Mission Statement

My personal mission for 2015-2016 is to utilize and develop my knowledge, skill sets, and abilities as a servant leader throughout all facets of my life (faith, family, friends, community, and work) through reflection, interaction with others, and continuous learning.

Professional Goals

Goal: I will work collaboratively with district and school colleagues, parents, students, and community stakeholders in order to prepare, create and establish a state-of-the-art learning environment which welcomes and cultivates a sense of community pride and educational excellence as well as promotes a mantra that all learners will achieve and be successful.

Goal: I will find effective ways in which to "sharpen my saw" by eating right, self-reflecting, and exercising.

Weekly Summary Report

Highlights from this week:

*BSES: Continued to spend time at BSES this week assisting where I can. I was very impressed with the preparation and organization jobs done by Suzanne Quinn and Carol Holder in regards to the SC Ready tests.


- Sent out a Shoally Creek Elementary school messenger message with a Google survey link for families and staff to provide us with some input! Here is the link to the survey... http://goo.gl/forms/TO6yTswAWq Fifteen minutes after the message went out, I received a mascot suggestion from a parent...see below. The information provided will help us in a number of ways.

- Spent some time this week in meetings with Ronnie Mills, Keith Holden, and Sherri Garvin (United Chemical rep) as we prepare orders for custodial equipment and supplies. Getting down to the details now...determining the number of trash cans, number of soap dispensers, and whether to go with 2-ply or 1-ply! :)

- Keith and I walked Ronnie through the school Thursday morning so he could understand the layout and continue thinking of his crew's needs. He came two both meetings this week with a new list of items for us to discuss as we determine immediate needs and those that can wait. I REALLY like his initiative!! On Monday I will contact him so we can discuss our final custodian...I would like to get his input on that hire.

- Laura and I traveled with Dr. Hinton, Mrs. Ashby, and fellow principals to MGSD to observe their Data Conferences on Thursday afternoon. WOW! Totally about knowing and growing all students, and definitely a concept I can see our district easily transitioning to once we provide our teacher leaders with guidance and support. Certainly empowering for teachers!

- Laura and I met with 10 teacher applicants for 5 teaching positions that we have for next year: 5K, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and two 4th grade. I think both of us were really worried that this would be a first of at least two rounds we would have to do to get "good hires"; however, we feel we have 5 "great hires" that will fit very nicely with our current grade level teams! I am super excited to speak with references and hopefully make our recommendations to you on Monday! Three of the five are veteran teachers and two are 2016 graduates. So, those 5, along with our 1 custodian should complete our SCES staff for 2016-2017!

*Challenge for the Week: None...it was a busy and great week! Well...I take that back...our SCES safety plan was brought back to the forefront of my thinking/planning due to the Wednesday meeting with Rhonda and Tabitha. Early next week, I plan to discuss with Laura so she can begin pulling and preparing our plan and making some important contacts.

Next Week:

*State Wide Faculty Meeting (Monday)

*Prepare Room List for Mrs. Ashby (for moving teachers' items)

*Principals Meeting (Wednesday)

*Exceptional Children Awards Night (Thursday)