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Main issues

The main issues with subsidence are the sinking of houses and uneven land.

Negative Effects on the environment

Subsidence can cause people loosing their houses and having uneven roads to drive on. Ground water and the food we plant can also be affected by subsidence.

Does it affect our lifes in league city?

It doesn't really affect us here in league city yet but it could. The ground water pumping on the gulf coast can lead to subsidence very easily.

Are people affected by subsidence?

Yes, you can loose your home because of subsidence. The road you drive on can be destroyed. Also the way you make money can be in danger too.
Land Subsidence Strikes Rural Area in S China

Who or what causes subsidence to accor?

Mine work, uneven grounding, and water flowing through soils.

Solutions for subsidence

Underpinning to even the underground for houses.
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New solution

Limit the mine work especially on the coast lines where there is unconsolidated water. Yes because stopping mine work at least a little at a time would help a lot with subsidence.